VCS Agent Details
SVCCopyServices.6.0.03400.0.Windows [ Download ]

Agent: SVCCopyServices 6.0.03400.0
Application name: IBM Metro Mirror (SVC); IBM Storwize V7000
Application version(s): All versions from 4.1 and above
Application components: SVC
Agent type: Replication agent
VCS release: InfoScale 7.4.1
Platform version: Windows 2016
Architecture: x86-64
Fire Drill support: Supports Gold, Silver and Bronze flavours with SFWHA version 6.0.1 and above. Space efficient snapshots are not supported.
Internationalization: Level 0
MD5: 614cd8cf967ac84987837f79a060cde1
Notes: Supports Metro Mirror as well as Global Mirror. Supports IBM Storwize V7000 and IBM Storwize V7000 Unified block storage.
Documentation: VCS SVCCopyServices Agent

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