VCS Agent Details
Oracle, Netlsnr, ASMInst, ASMDG.6.0.Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Agent: Oracle, Netlsnr, ASMInst, ASMDG 6.0
Application name: Oracle Database with ASM
Application version(s): 11gR2
Application components: Oracle Database, Oracle Listener and Oracle Automatic Storage Management Agents
Agent type: Database agent
VCS release: VCS 6.0
Platform version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Architecture: x86-64
Internationalization: Level 0
MD5: N/A
Notes: Only Oracle Database 11.2.03 is supported. Supports Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) and intelligent resource monitoring from VCS version 5.1SP1. This agent is not shipped with AgentPack. This agent is shipped with VCS 6.0 Release.(Package Name : VRTSvcsea).

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