VCS Agent Details
Dataguard. [ Download ]

Agent: Dataguard
Application name: Oracle DataGuard
Application version(s): 10.1.x.x
Application components: Oracle DataGuard
Agent type: Replication agent
VCS release: VCS 5.1
Platform version: AIX 5.3
Architecture: POWER
Fire Drill support: Only Gold firedrill is supported with SF versions 5.1 and 6.0. Not supported with SFRAC.
Internationalization: Level 0 (Not Tested)
MD5: 6effd4fc4281659b7dc457780f97a432
Notes: OraDG agent uses sqlplus CLI to manage non RAC environment. OraDGBroker Agent uses Broker CLI for the RAC and non-RAC environment from Oracle 11gR2 onwards. RDC is supported. SF/SFRAC version 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0,6.1 supported. The agent supports only a single standby database instance per configured primary database. Supports RPO computation for live replication from Oracle 11gR2 onwards.
Documentation: VCS Oradg Install

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