VCS Agent Details
RecoverPoint. [ Download ]

Agent: RecoverPoint
Application name: EMC RecoverPoint
Application version(s): Appliance version 3.5, 4.0, 4.0 SP1, 4.0 SP2, 4.1, 4.1 SP1, 4.1 SP2, 4.4 SP1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.1 SP1
Application components: RecoverPoint
Agent type: Replication agent
VCS release: VCS 6.0
Platform version: AIX 6.1
Architecture: POWER
Fire Drill support: Not Supported
Internationalization: Level 0
MD5: c6d794def098d0da626c1f2149dd2ea0
Notes: Supports EMC RecoverPoint CRR and CLR on Host-based and Array-based splitters.
Supports VCS replicated data clusters (RDCs).
Documentation: VCS Recoverpoint Install