VCS Agent Details
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Agent: DellSC
Application name: Dell EMC SC-Series
Application version(s): SCOS 7.0, 7.1 and 7.3
Application components: Dell EMC SC-Series REST API 3.1-3.3
Agent type: Replication agent
VCS release: VCS 6.1
Platform version: AIX 7.1
Architecture: POWER
Fire Drill support: Not supported.
Internationalization: Level 0
MD5: d5fd078d2371bc4e2bc3e1c08c1f8a56
Notes: VCS Dell EMC SC agent supports:
Synchronous and asynchronous Live Volume, synchronous Live Volume Auto Failover.
Synchronous LV and LV-AFO are supported in High Availabilit replication mode only.
Multipathing Support:Supports DMP
Documentation: SCAgent Release Notes
SCAgent Installation Guide

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