VCS Agent Details
RemoteCopy. Hat Enterprise Linux [ Download ]

Agent: RemoteCopy
Application name: HP 3PAR RemoteCopy
Application version(s): 2.3.1 and above
Application components: InForm CLI
Agent type: Replication agent
VCS release: InfoScale 7.4
Platform version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Architecture: x86-64
Fire Drill support: Not Supported
Internationalization: Level 0
MD5: 06fec397600c304a7f0fb2054bc6a99b
Notes: Agent supports synchronous and periodic mode of replication with mirror_config policy. Supported SF versions 5.1, 6.0, 6.1. Supports CVM environment. Not supported in SFRAC environment. Supports RPO computation on Unix platform.
Documentation: VCS 3parrc Install

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