Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM) Details
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 Basic information

Library name: libvxnetapp
Library version: vm-5.0-rev-4
ASL package name: VRTSNTAPasl
ASL package version: 4.0
APM: dmpnetapp
APM package version: 1.0
Supported product versions:
  • 5.0MP1
Embedded in VxVM?: No
Supported platforms:
  • AIX 5.3
TechNote: 338465
Popularity: 379 viewed  8 downloaded
Download size: 24K
Checksum: 146360763
Release date: N/A

 Supported Arrays and Modes

  • FAS2000/FAS900/FAS200 series, FAS250, FAS270, FAS270c, FAS3000/V3000 series, FAS3020, FAS3020c, FAS3040, FAS3050, FAS3070, FAS3100/V3100 series, FAS3140, FAS3160, FAS3170, FAS6000/V6000 series, FAS6030, FAS6070, FAS920c, FAS940c, FAS960c, FAS980c, V3020, V3040, V3070, V3140, V3160, V3170, V6030, V6070
Supported mode: A/PG-C, A/A-NETAPP

 Readme file  [Save As...]

Symantec Enabled Arrays - Array Support Library and Array Policy Module for NetApp Storage Systems (Active/Active) on Veritas Volume Manager (tm) 5.0 and 5.0MP1 for AIX For general information about ASLs, see TechNote ASL Package name: VRTSNTAPasl ASL Package Version: 4.0 Supported versions of Veritas Volume Manager: 5.0 and 5.0MP1 Supported Arrays: NetApp Storage Systems and IBM System Storage N3000, N5000, N6000 and N7000 Series Supported Mode: A/A-NETAPP APM Package Name: VRTSNTAPapm APM Package version: 1.0 Notes: 1. This array must be appropriately configured for dynamic multipathing (DMP) to be claimed correctly by the ASL. See the array vendor's documentation for more information 2. This ASL and APM requires the hotfix 5.0MP1RP2HF3. Install this hotfix before installing the ASL and APM Installation Instructions: 1. Create a directory to store ASL package: # mkdir /tmp/asl # cd /tmp/asl 2. At the bottom of this TechFile, click on Download Now to download the package 3. Download the file VRTSNTAP_5.0_ASL_APM_Aix_v7.tar_338465.gz into /tmp/asl directory and verify the cksum # cksum VRTSNTAP_5.0_ASL_APM_Aix_v7.tar_338465.gz 146360763 24529 VRTSNTAP_5.0_ASL_APM_Aix_v7.tar_338465.gz 4. To uncompress the file and extract packages # gunzip VRTSNTAP_5.0_ASL_APM_Aix_v7.tar_338465.gz # tar xvf VRTSNTAP_5.0_ASL_APM_Aix_v7.tar_338465 5. Before adding any ASL package, ensure Veritas Volume Manager is installed and enabled: # vxdctl mode mode: enabled 6. Install ASL package # installp -acgX -d VRTSNTAPasl.bff VRTSNTAPasl 7. Install APM package # installp -acgX -d VRTSNTAPapm.bff VRTSNTAPapm 8. After the package is installed, you must run the vxdctl enable command to claim the disk arrays # vxdctl enable Note: In some cases, it has been reported that the installation of the ASL does not take effect, and the vxdctl enable command does not claim the enclosure and devices. In such cases, you can execute the vxconfigd -k command in addition to vxdctl enable 9. After running vxdctl enable, run the vxddladm listsupport and vxddladm listversion command and verify the output # vxddladm listsupport ATTR_NAME ATTR_VALUE ================================================================================================= LIBNAME VID NETAPP PID All ARRAY_TYPE A/PG-C, A/A-NETAPP ARRAY_NAME Netapp, FAS*, F* R*, G*, FAS9 GF96, GF94, GF98 GF92, FAS980, FAS960 FAS940, FAS920, FAS270 F880, F840, F820 F825, R100, R200 R150, GF920, GF940 GF960, GF980, FAS3050 FAS3020, FAS3050-M, GF3050 GF3020, GF3050-M, FAS6030 FAS6070, GF270, V3020 V3050, V6030, V6070 GF270, GF825, R200e R210, R230, R270 FAS2050, V2050, FAS2020 V2020, FAS3070, V3070 FAS3030, V3030, FAS3040 V3040, FAS6040, V6040 FAS6080, V6080, FAS3140 V3140, FAS3160, V3160 FAS3170, V3170, V2040 FAS2040 # vxddladm listversion has version string: vm-5.0-rev-4. VXVM version: 5.0 10. Verify that the APM is in Active state # vxdmpadm listapm dmpnetapp Filename: dmpnetapp APM name: dmpnetapp APM version: 1 Feature: VxVM VxVM version: 50 Array Types Supported: A/A-NETAPP Depending Array Types: A/A State: Active ASL Package Information # lslpp -l VRTSNTAPasl Fileset Level State Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path: /usr/lib/objrepos VRTSNTAPasl 5.0.4000.0 COMMITTED VERITAS NetApp Array Support Library (4.0) Path: /etc/objrepos VRTSNTAPasl 5.0.4000.0 COMMITTED VERITAS NetApp Array Support Library (4.0) APM Package Information # lslpp -l VRTSNTAPapm Fileset Level State Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path: /usr/lib/objrepos VRTSNTAPapm COMMITTED Veritas NetApp Array Policy Module Path: /etc/objrepos VRTSNTAPapm COMMITTED Veritas NetApp Array Policy Module

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