Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM) Details
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 Basic information

Library name: libvxhdsusp
Library version: N/A
Supported product versions:
  • 5.0MP4
Embedded in VxVM?: Yes
Supported platforms:
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux (POWER)/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (POWER), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11)
Popularity: 488 viewed
Release date: N/A

 Supported Arrays and Modes

  • NSC55, USP V, USP VM, USP/NSC series, USP100, USP1100, USP600, USPV/USPVM
Supported mode: A/A-A, A/A

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