Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM) Details
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 Basic information

Library name: libvxlsiall
Library version: vm-5.0-rev-5
ASL package name: VRTSLSI-ALL
ASL package version: 5.0-1.0 (For PPC and x86_64 architecture) And 1.0-5.0 (For i686 architecture)
APM: dmpEngenio
APM package version: 5.0-1.0 (Only for PPC architecture) And 5.0-4.0 (For x86_64 architecture)
Supported product versions:
  • 5.0RU4
Embedded in VxVM?: No
Supported platforms:
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux (POWER)/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (POWER), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10)
TechNote: 346432
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Download size: 4791K
Checksum: 417570008
Release date: N/A

 Supported Arrays and Modes

  • DS3000, DS3200, DS3300, DS3400, DS4100 (FAStT100), DS4200, DS4300 (FAStT600), DS4400 (FAStT700), DS4500 (FAStT900), DS4700, DS4800, DS5100, System Storage DS3000 series, System Storage DS5000 series, TotalStorage DS4000 series
Supported mode: A/P-C, A/PF-LSI

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This TechFile provides information on the Array Support Library (ASL) and Array Policy module (APM) for IBM DS3xx, DS4xxx and IBM DS5xxx Series Arrays in Active-Passive Explicit Failover (A/P-F) mode on Veritas Volume Manager (tm) 5.0MP3, 5.0MP4 and later, 5.0RU1, 5.0RU3 and 5.0 RU4 for Linux For general information about ASLs, see TechNote ASL Package Name: VRTSLSI-ALL ASL Package Description: LSI MultiVID Array Support Library ASL Package Version: 5.0-1.0 (For PPC and x86_64 architecture) And 1.0-5.0 (For i686 architecture) APM Package Name: VRTSLSIapm APM Package Description: Veritas Array Policy Module for LSI multiVID. APM Package Version: 5.0-1.0 (Only for PPC architecture) And 5.0-4.0 (For x86_64 architecture) Supported versions of Veritas Volume Manager: 5.0 MP3, 5.0MP4 and later, 5.0RU1, 5.0RU3, 5.0RU4 Supported Arrays: IBM DS3xx series of Arrays (DS3400, DS3300, DS3200 ), DS4xxx series of Arrays ( DS4100, DS4200, DS4300, DS4400, DS4500, DS4700 and DS4800) and IBM DS5xxx series of Arrays (DS5100 and DS5300) Supported Modes: A/P-F Note: a. This ASL/APM requires Array to be configured in Active-Passive Explicit Failover (A/P-F) Mode. Please refer to TechNote #283282 for Array configuration for DMP. b. DS3200sa array is not supported on LoP, Since external SAS is not supported by IBM system Installation Instructions: 1.Before adding any ASL package, ensure Veritas Volume Manager is installed and enabled: # vxdctl mode mode: enabled 2. Create a directory to download the ASL and APM tar package # mkdir /tmp/asl_apm/ # cd /tmp/asl_apm/ 3. At the bottom of this TechFile, click on Download Now to download the package in /tmp/asl_apm/ 4. After downloading VRTSLSI-MultiVID-5.0_aslapm_Linux.tar_346432.gz, verify the checksum of the file # cksum VRTSLSI-MultiVID-5.0_aslapm_Linux.tar_346432.gz 417570008 4906485 VRTSLSI-MultiVID-5.0_aslapm_Linux.tar_346432.gz 5. Uncompress the file and extract the packages: # gunzip VRTSLSI-MultiVID-5.0_aslapm_Linux.tar_346432.gz # tar xvf VRTSLSI-MultiVID-5.0_aslapm_Linux.tar_346432 Note: Verify that there are sixteen .rpm packages as part of the tar ball. There is one ASL package per distribution, one APM package for x86_64 architecture per distribution and one APM for "ppc" architecture for RHEL5, SUSE10 and SUSE11 Following are the ASL packages: VRTSLSI-ALL-5.0-1.0_SLES11.x86_64.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-5.0-1.0_SUSE11.ppc64.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-1.0-5.0_RHEL4.i686.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-5.0-1.0_RHEL5.ppc64.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-1.0-5.0_RHEL5.i686.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-1.0-5.0_SLES10.i586.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-5.0-1.0_SUSE10.ppc64.rpm VRTSLSI-ALL-1.0-5.0_SLES9.i586.rpm Following are the APM packages: VRTSLSIapm-5.0-1.0_SUSE11.ppc64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-4.0_SLES11.x86_64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-4.0_RHEL4.x86_64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-1.0_RHEL5.ppc64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-4.0_RHEL5.x86_64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-4.0_SLES10.x86_64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-1.0_SUSE10.ppc64.rpm VRTSLSIapm-5.0-4.0_SLES9.x86_64.rpm 6. Select the appropriate ASL and APM packages depending on the target machine distribution (RHEL or SLES). Following are example installation instructions for RHEL5 x86_64 distribution: ASL installation: # rpm -ivh VRTSLSI-ALL-1.0-5.0_RHEL5.i686.rpm APM Installation: # rpm -ivh VRTSLSIapm-5.0-4.0_RHEL5.x86_64.rpm 7. After the packages are installed, you must execute the vxdctl enable command to claim the disk array as an IBM DSxxxx array and then load the new APM: # vxdctl enable Note: In some cases, it has been reported that the installation of the ASL and/or APM does not take effect, and the vxdctl enable command does not claim the enclosure and devices. In such cases, you can execute the vxconfigd -k command in addition to vxdctl enable. 8. After executing vxdctl enable and vxconfigd -k, verify the output of the vxddladm listsupport command # vxddladm listsupport ATTR_NAME ATTR_VALUE ================================================================================================= LIBNAME VID IBM, SUN, STK SGI, LSI, ENGENIO PID All ARRAY_TYPE A/P-C, A/PF-LSI ARRAY_NAME DS4300-, DS4100-, FAStT500- FAStT200, DS4500-, DS4400 IBM-FAStT, DS4800-, DS4700- DS5100, DS3400, DS3200 DS3300, SUN6130-, SUN6140- SUN6540-, ST2540-, SUN2510- SUN2530-, SUN2530-, STK6580_6780- SUN6180-, STK-ARRAY, D280 D220, D240, D178 FLEXLINE, Sun 6540, LSI- TP9300-, TP9400-, TP9500- TP9700-, IS500-, IS4600- ENGENIO- 9. Verify ASL library version as: # vxddladm listversion has version string: vm-5.0-rev-5. VXVM version: 5.0 10. If array is configured in A/P-F mode, then verify that APM is in Active state. # vxdmpadm listapm dmpEngenio Filename: dmpEngenio.ko APM name: dmpEngenio APM version: 1 Feature: VxVM VxVM version: 50 Array Types Supported: A/PF-LSI Depending Array Types: A/P State: Active