Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM) Details
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 Basic information

Library name: libvxramsan
Library version: N/A
Package name: VRTSRamSan
Package version: 1.0,REV=07.12.2007.12.32
Supported product versions:
  • 5.0MP3
  • 5.0MP1
  • 5.0
Embedded in VxVM?: No
Supported platforms:
  • Solaris (SPARC 8, SPARC 9, SPARC 10)
TechNote: 289957
Popularity: 341 viewed  3 downloaded
Download size: 6K
Checksum: 3398389803
Release date: N/A

 Supported Arrays and Modes

  • RamSan 400
Supported mode: A/A

 Readme file  [Save As...]

This TechFile provides information about the Array Support Library (ASL) for TMS RamSan 400 Arrays on Veritas Volume Manager 4.1 and 5.0 for Solaris 8, 9 and 10 (sparc). For general information about ASLs, see TechNote 249446 Package Name: VRTSRamSan Package Version: 1.0 Supported versions of Veritas Volume Manager: 4.1 MP2 and 5.0 Supported Arrays: TMS RamSan 400 Installation Instructions: 1. Create a directory to store ASL package: # mkdir /tmp/asl 2. At the bottom of this TechFile, click on Download Now to download the package for Solaris 8, 9 and 10 (sparc) and verify the cksum: # cksum VRTSRamSan.tar_289957.gz 3398389803 5752 VRTSRamSan.tar_289957.gz 3. Download the file VRTSRamSan.tar_289957.gz into the /tmp/asl directory 4. Before adding any ASL package, ensure Veritas Volume Manager is installed and enabled: # vxdctl mode mode: enabled 5. To install the package: # cd /tmp/asl # gunzip < VRTSRamSan.tar_289957.gz | tar xvf - # pkgadd -d . VRTSRamSan After the package is installed, you must run the vxdctl enable command to claim the disk array as a TMS_RAMSAN array: # vxdctl enable After running the vxdctl enable command, you should see in the output of the vxddladm listsupport command: # vxddladm listsupport ATTR_NAME ATTR_VALUE ======================================================================= LIBNAME VID TMS PID RamSan 400 ARRAY_TYPE A/A ARRAY_NAME TMS_RAMSAN Package Information : # pkginfo -l VRTSRamSan PKGINST: VRTSRamSan NAME: Array Support Librarry for TMS RamSan 400 Array. CATEGORY: system ARCH: sparc VERSION: 1.0,REV=07.12.2007.12.32 BASEDIR: /etc/vx VENDOR: VERITAS Software DESC: Array Support Librarry for TMS RamSan 400 Array. PSTAMP: VERSION-1.0:8-January-1999 INSTDATE: Jul 12 2007 12:25 HOTLINE: 800-342-0652 EMAIL: STATUS: completely installed FILES: 5 installed pathnames 3 shared pathnames 3 directories 2 executables 19 blocks used (approx)

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