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 Basic information

Package name: VRTSaslapm
Package description: Array Support Libraries and Array Policy Modules for Volume Manager by Symantec
Package version:
Supported product versions:
  • 5.1SP1
Embedded in VxVM?: Yes
Supported platforms:
  • AIX (5.3, 6.1)
TechNote: 337516
Popularity: 1080 viewed
Release date: 2010-12-09 17:38:01

 Package contents

The VRTSaslapm 5.1SP1 package in product contains the ASLs and APMs to support the arrays indicated in the hardware compatibility list(HCL).
Library Version VID PID Arrays Mode
libvx3par1.03PARdataVVInServ E200, InServ S400, InServ S800, InServ Storage Server E-Class, F-Class, S-Class, T-ClassA/A
libvxCLARiiON1.0DGC*CLARiiON CX380, CLARiiON CX3 Model 80, CLARiiON CX3 Model 10, CLARiiON CX3 Model 20, CLARiiON CX3 Model 40, CLARiiON CX300, CLARiiON CX4 Model 120, CLARiiON CX4 Model 240, CLARiiON CX4 Model 480, CLARiiON CX4 Model 960, CLARiiON CX400, CLARiiON CX500, CLARiiON CX600, CLARiiON CX700A/P, A/P-F, ALUA
libvxcompellent1.0COMPELNTCompellent VolStorage CenterA/A
libvxcopan1.0COPANSYS8814, 8818COPANSYSA/A-A
libvxdothill1.0DotHillR/Evo 2730-2R, R/Evo 2530-2R, R/Evo 2330-2R, R/Evo 2130-2RX, R/Evo 2130-2J, R/Evo 5730-2R5730, 2730/2730TA/A
libvxemc1.0EMCSYMMETRIXSymmetrix V-Max, Symmetrix DMX-4A/A
libvxeqlogic1.0EQLOGIC100E-00EqualLogic PS3000 series, EqualLogic PS4000 series, EqualLogic PS5000 series, EqualLogic PS6000 series, EqualLogic PS5000 seriesA/A
libvxfje3k4ka1.0FUJITSUE3000, E4000ETERNUS3000 Model 80, ETERNUS3000 Model 100, ETERNUS3000 Model 200, ETERNUS3000 Model 300, ETERNUS3000 Model 400, ETERNUS3000 Model 500, ETERNUS3000 Model 600, ETERNUS3000 Model 700, ETERNUS4000 Model 80, ETERNUS4000 Model 100, ETERNUS4000 Model 300, ETERNUS4000 Model 400, ETERNUS4000 Model 500, ETERNUS4000 Model 600A/P-G
libvxfjtsye2k1.0FUJITSUE2000, ETERNUS_DXLETERNUS DX60, ETERNUS DX80, ETERNUS DX90, ETERNUS 2000 Series, ETERNUS2000 Model 100, ETERNUS2000 Model 200, ETERNUS2000 Model 50A/A
libvxFJTSYe6k1.0FUJITSUE6000ETERNUS6000 seriesA/A
libvxFJTSYe8k1.0FUJITSUE4000, E8000, ETERNUS_DX400, ETERNUS_DX8000ETERNUS DX400 series, ETERNUS4000 series, ETERNUS DX8000 series, ETERNUS 8000 series, ETERNUS8000 Model 1100, ETERNUS8000 Model 2100, ETERNUS8000A/A
libvxfsc1.0FSCFibreCAT_SX1FibreCAT SX80, FibrCAT SX100A/A
libvxhds1.0HITACHIAllHDS7700E, HDS9960, HDS9910A/A
libvxhds99801.0HITACHIOPEN*9980, 9970V, StorageTek 9980 array, StorageTek 9970 arrayA/A
libvxhdsalua1.0HITACHIDF600, DF600-V, DF600F, DF600F-VTMS1000, SMS/AMS2000 series, SMS100, AMS200, AMS500, AMS1000, AMS2100, AMS2300, AMS2500, Thunder 9500V series, WMS100, AMS/WMS series, 9570V, 9580VA/A, A/A-A
libvxhdsusp1.0HITACHIOPEN*USP V, USP VM, USPV/USPVM, USP/NSC series, USP100, USP600, USP1100A/A, A/P
libvxhillsannet21.0DotHillSANnet II FC, SANnet II SCSI, SANnet II SATA, SANnet II U320SANnetIIFC, SANnetIISCSI, SANnetIISATA, SANnetIIU320A/A
libvxhitachi1.0HITACHIDF350, DF400, DF400F, DF500, DF500FHDS5700, HDS5800, HDS9200A/P, A/P-GS
libvxhpalua1.0HPHSV101, HSV111 (C)COMPAQ, HSV111, HSV200, HSV210, HSV300, HSV400, HSV450EVA3000, EVA4000, EVA5000, EVA6000, EVA8000, EVA3000GL, EVA5000GL, EVA8100, EVA4100, EVA4400, EVA6100, EVA6400, StorageWorks EVA GL 3000/5000, StorageWorks EVA4000/6000/8000, StorageWorks EVA4100/6100/8100ALUA
libvxhuawei1.0HUAWEI,HSS5300, S5500, S5600, S6800E, S2100, S2300, S2300E, S2600, VIS6000, V1800, V1500, S8000-I, S8000S5300, S5500, S5600, S6800E, S2300, S2300E, S2600C, S2600F, VIS6300, VIS6600A/P-F, A/A-A, A/A
libvxibmds4k1.0IBM1742, 1722-600, 1724-100*FAStT, 1815*FAStT, 1814*FAStTDS4400 (FAStT700), DS4500 (FAStT900), DS4300 (FAStT600), DS4100 (FAStT100), DS4700, DS4800, TotalStorage DS4000 seriesA/P, A/P-F
libvxibmds6k1.0IBM2107*, 1750*DS6000 (1750-511), DS6800, System Storage DS6000 seriesA/P-C
libvxibmds8k1.0IBM2107*DS8000, DS8100, DS8300, System Storage DS8000 seriesA/A
libvxibmsvc1.0IBM2145, 2062SANVC(2145)A/A, A/A-A
libvxlsiall1.0STKOPENstorage*, BladeCtlr*, FLEXLINE*FlexLine FLX280, FlexLine 200/300 series, FlexLine FLX380, StorageTek 6540 arrayA/P, A/P-F
libvxlsiall1.0SUNLCSM100_I, LCSM100_S, LCSM100_F, CSM100*, CSM200*, STK6580_6780, SUN_6180StorageTek 2510 array, StorageTek 2530 array, StorageTek 2540 array, StorageTek 6130 array, StorageTek 6140 array, Sun Storage 6180 array, Sun Storage 6580 array, Sun Storage 6780 arrayA/P, A/P-F
libvxlsiall1.0IBM1742, 1722-600, 1724-100*FAStT, 1815*FAStT, 1814*FAStT, 1726-2xx, 1726-3xx, 1726-4xx, 1746, 1818DS4400 (FAStT700), DS4500 (FAStT900), DS4300 (FAStT600), DS4100 (FAStT100), DS4700, DS4800, TotalStorage DS4000 series, DS3200, DS3300, DS3400, DS3500, DS5100A/P, A/P-F
libvxmsa2k1.0HPMSA2012fc, MSA2212fc, MSA2012iMSA2012fc, MSA2212fc, MSA2012iA/A
libvxmsa2kfc_sa1.0HPMSA2312fc, MSA2324fc, MSA2012sa, MSA2312sa, MSA2324sa, MSA2312i, MSA2324i, P2000 G3 FC, P2000G3 FC/iSCSI, P2000 G3 SASMSA2312fc, MSA2324fc, MSA2012sa, MSA2312sa, MSA2324sa, MSA2312i, MSA2324i, HP_P2000G3_FC, P2000 G3 FC/iSCSI, P2000G3_SASALUA
libvxnetapp1.0NETAPPAllFAS2000/FAS900/FAS200 series, FAS250, FAS270, FAS270c, FAS3000/V3000 series, FAS3020, FAS3020c, FAS3040, FAS3050, FAS3070, FAS6000/V6000 series, FAS6030, FAS6070, FAS920c, FAS940c, FAS960c, FAS980c, V3020, V3040, V3070, V6030, V6070A/A, A/P, ALUA
libvxnipnyis1.0NECiStorage 1000, iStorage 2000, iStorage 4000iStorage S1000 series, iStorage S2000 series, iStorage S4000 series, iStorage D1 series, iStorage D3 series, iStorage D4 series, iStorage D8 seriesA/A
libvxramsan1.0TMSRamSan 400*RamSan 400A/A
libvxshark1.0IBM2105ESS 2105-800, ESS 750/800 seriesA/A
libvxtsbaf1.0TOSHIBAAF3500, AF1500, AF7000, AF2000, AF7500, AF2500AF3500, AF1500, AF7000, AF2000, AF7500, AF2500A/A
libvxxp12810241.0HPOPEN*XP128, XP1024A/A
libvxxp12k1.0HPOPEN*XP10000, XP12000, XP20000, XP24000A/A
libvxxp2561.0HPOPEN*XP48, XP256, XP512A/A

APM Version Supported array types Depending array types Corresponding ASL
dmphuawei1.0A/PF-HUAWEI, A/A-A-HUAWEIA/Plibvxhuawei
dmpnetapp1.0A/A-NETAPP, A/P-NETAPPA/A, A/Plibvxnetapp

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======================================================================= VRTSaslapm package (Array Support Libraries and Array Policy Modules) on Veritas Volume Manager (tm) 5.1SP1 for AIX ======================================================================= Date : 2010-12-02 Package Name : VRTSaslapm Package Description : Array Support Libraries and Array Policy Modules for Veritas Volume Manager Package Version : Operating System : AIX Operating System version : 5.3, 6.1 Veritas Volume Manager Version : =======================================================================