Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM) Details
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 Basic information

Library name: libvxnetapp
Library version: N/A
ASL package name: VRTSNTAPasl
ASL package version: 5.0
APM: dmpnetapp
APM package version: 5.0
Supported product versions:
  • 5.0MP4
  • 5.0MP3
Embedded in VxVM?: No
Supported platforms:
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10)
Popularity: 7563 viewed  1538 downloaded
Download size: 4352K
Checksum: 3806639409
Release date: 2011-02-16 22:00:44

 Supported Arrays and Modes

  • FAS2000/FAS900/FAS200 series, FAS250, FAS270, FAS270c, FAS3000/V3000 series, FAS3020, FAS3020c, FAS3040, FAS3050, FAS3070, FAS3100/V3100 series, FAS3140, FAS3160, FAS3170, FAS6000/V6000 series, FAS6030, FAS6070, FAS920c, FAS940c, FAS960c, FAS980c, V3020, V3040, V3070, V3140, V3160, V3170, V6030, V6070
Supported mode: A/A-NETAPP, A/P-NETAPP, A/P-C-NETAPP

 Readme file  [Save As...]

This README provides information on the Array Support Library (ASL) and Array Policy Module (APM) for NetApp Storage Systems (Active/Active, Active/Passive, Active/Passive-Concurrent) on Veritas Volume Manager 5.0MP3 and later for Linux (RHEL and SLES). ASL Package Name: VRTSNTAPasl ASL Package Version: 1.3 APM Package Name: VRTSNTAPapm APM Package Version: 1.2 Supported versions of Veritas Volume Manager: 5.0MP3 and later Supported Arrays: NetApp Storage Systems (A/A-NETAPP, A/P-C-NETAPP, A/P-NETAPP) and IBM System Storage N3000, N5000, N6000 and N7000 Series. Change Log: ----------- 1. Added support for newer SLES10 kernel modules. 2. Modified the postinstall script of APM packages to use the correct APM kernel module. 3. Modified the APM to properly handle takeover-giveback in NetApp metro cluster configuration. Note: ----- 1. For 5.0MP3, NetApp ASL is supported in iSCSI mode on RHEL5/SLES10 and FC mode on RHEL4/RHEL5/SLES9/SLES10. 2. All updates for RHEL4 and all SPs for SLES9 are supported. 3. The default value of qlport_down_retry parameter is 30 on RHEL5. It needs to be changed to 0 in /etc/modprobe.conf file. This parameter defines maximum number of command retries to a port that returns a PORT-DOWN status before returning I/O back to the OS. Installation Instructions: -------------------------- 1. Create a directory to store NetApp ASL and APM package # mkdir /tmp/NTAP_ASLAPM # cd /tmp/NTAP_ASLAPM 2. Download the ASL-APM tar package in /tmp/NTAP_ASLAPM 3. After downloading VRTSNTAP_apm-v1.2_asl-v1.3-vm5.0MP3-Linux.tar.gz, verify checksum of the file: # cksum VRTSNTAP_apm-v1.2_asl-v1.3-vm5.0MP3-Linux.tar.gz 3806639409 4456414 VRTSNTAP_apm-v1.2_asl-v1.3-vm5.0MP3-Linux.tar.gz 4. Uncompress the file and extract the rpm packages: # gunzip VRTSNTAP_apm-v1.2_asl-v1.3-vm5.0MP3-Linux.tar.gz # tar xvf VRTSNTAP_apm-v1.2_asl-v1.3-vm5.0MP3-Linux.tar There are a total of sixteen packages present in the tar ball. There is one ASL package per Linux distribution and three APM packages corresponding to ia32, ia64 and x86_64 architectures for RHEL4, RHEL5, SLES9, SLES10 as enlisted below: - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_RHEL4.i686.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_RHEL4.ia64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_RHEL4.x86_64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_RHEL5.i686.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_RHEL5.ia64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_RHEL5.x86_64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10.i586.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10.ia64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10.x86_64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES9.i586.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES9.ia64.rpm - VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES9.x86_64.rpm - VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_RHEL4.i686.rpm - VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_RHEL5.i686.rpm - VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_SLES10.i586.rpm - VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_SLES9.i586.rpm 5. Before adding any ASL/APM rpm package, ensure Veritas Volume Manager is installed and enabled: # vxdctl mode mode: enabled 6. ASL Installation To install the ASL package VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_SLES10.i586.rpm, type: # rpm -ihv VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_SLES10.i586.rpm 7. APM Installation To install the APM package VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10.x86_64.rpm, type: # rpm -ivh VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10.x86_64.rpm Similar instructions can be followed to install the other packages as well. 8. After the packages are installed, execute "vxdctl enable" command to claim the disk array as NetApp array and to load the new APM: # vxdctl enable Note: In some cases, it has been reported that the installation of the ASL and/or APM does not take effect, and vxdctl enable does not claim the enclosure and devices. In such cases, you can execute the "vxconfigd -k" command in addition to "vxdctl enable". 9. After executing "vxdctl enable", verify the output of the "vxddladm listsupport" command as follows: # vxddladm listsupport ATTR_NAME ATTR_VALUE ================================================================== LIBNAME VID NETAPP PID All ARRAY_TYPE A/A-NETAPP, A/P-NETAPP, A/P-C-NETAPP 10. Verify the output of "vxdmpadm listapm" command to make sure that the APM is in Active state: # vxdmpadm listapm dmpnetapp Filename: dmpnetapp APM name: dmpnetapp APM version: 1 Feature: VxVM VxVM version: 50 Array Types Supported: A/A-NETAPP,A/P-C-NETAPP,A/P-NETAPP Depending Array Types: A/A,A/P-C,A/P State: Active Package Information: -------------------- ASL Package: # rpm -qil VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_SLES10 Name : VRTSNTAPasl Relocations: (not relocatable) Version : 5.0 Vendor: VERITAS Software Corporation Inc. Release : 3.0_SLES10 Build Date: Wed Jul 9 18:14:18 2008 Install Date: Tue Jan 4 21:28:13 2011 Build Host: Group : System/Data Storage Source RPM: VRTSNTAPasl-5.0-3.0_SLES10.src.rpm Size : 24791 License: Copyright (c) 1990-2007 VERITAS Software Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS SOFTWARE IS THE PROPERTY OF AND IS LICENSED BY VERITAS SOFTWARE, AND/OR ITS SUPPLIERS. Signature : (none) Packager : URL : Summary : Veritas NetApp Array Support Library Description : Veritas NetApp Array Support Library Distribution: (none) /etc/vx/aslkey.d /etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxnetapp.key.2 /etc/vx/lib/discovery.d /etc/vx/lib/discovery.d/ APM Package: # rpm -qil VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10 Name : VRTSNTAPapm Relocations: (not relocatable) Version : 5.0 Vendor: VERITAS Software Corporation Inc. Release : 1.2_SLES10 Build Date: Tue Jan 18 18:26:47 2011 Install Date: Thu Jan 27 01:07:46 2011 Build Host: Group : System/Data Storage Source RPM: VRTSNTAPapm-5.0-1.2_SLES10.src.rpm Size : 5564640 License: Copyright (c) 1990-2005 VERITAS Software Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS SOFTWARE IS THE PROPERTY OF AND IS LICENSED BY VERITAS SOFTWARE, AND/OR ITS SUPPLIERS. Signature : (none) Packager : URL : Summary : Veritas NetApp Array Policy Module Description : Veritas NetApp Array Policy Module Distribution: (none) /etc/vx/apmkey.d /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/apmkey.d/32/dmpnetapp.key. /etc/vx/kernel /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko. /etc/vx/kernel/dmpnetapp.ko.