Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM) Details
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 Basic information

Package name: VRTSaslapm
Package description: Array Support Libraries and Array Policy Modules for Volume Manager by Symantec
Package version:
Supported product versions:
  • 6.0.3
  • 6.0.1
Embedded in VxVM?: No
Supported platforms:
  • HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
TechNote: TECH176305
Popularity: 3684 viewed  24 downloaded
Download size: 4726K
Checksum: 3742672552
Release date: 2013-12-18 05:39:09

 Package contents

The VRTSaslapm 6.0.1 package in product contains the ASLs and APMs to support the arrays indicated in the hardware compatibility list(HCL).
Library Version VID PID Arrays Mode
libvxemc8.0EMCSYMMETRIXSymmetrix V-Max, Symmetrix DMX-4A/A

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======================================================================= VRTSaslapm package (Array Support Libraries and Array Policy Modules) on Veritas Volume Manager (tm) 6.0.1 for HPUX 11iV3 (11.31) ======================================================================= Date : 12/9/2013 Package Name : VRTSaslapm Package Description : Array Support Libraries and Array Policy Modules for Veritas Volume Manager Package Version : Operating System : HPUX Operating System version : IA, PA Veritas Volume Manager Version : ======================================================================= This is a Hot Fix Release for limited distribution. The change in the HF is: 3359217 Modified EMC ASL (libvxemc) to handle the case of BCV device switching to read-write mode causing continuous vxdmp error messages in syslog. ======================================================================= Installation Procedure: ====================== 1. Pre-Installation Checks: --------------------------- A) If there are any external ASL/APM packages installed on the system, Remove them before you start installation of VRTSaslapm package. B) VxVM is the minimum VxVM version that needs to be installed before proceeding with installation of VRTSaslapm package. So make sure that VxVM or higher version is installed on system. 2. Package Download Instructions: ---------------------------------- A. Create a directory to store the VRTSaslapm package # mkdir /tmp/aslapm # cd /tmp/aslapm B. Download the VRTSaslapm package C. After downloading VRTSaslapm_HPUX_6.0.100.202.tar.gz in /tmp/aslapm directory, verify the cksum # cksum VRTSaslapm_HPUX_6.0.100.202.tar.gz 3742672552 4839881 VRTSaslapm_HPUX_6.0.100.202.tar.gz D. Uncompress the file and extract the packages # gunzip VRTSaslapm_HPUX_6.0.100.202.tar.gz # tar -xvf VRTSaslapm_HPUX_6.0.100.202.tar 3. Installation Instructions: ---------------------------- A. If VRTSaslapm package is currently NOT installed on your system then perform an initial install. 1. Install the package # swinstall -s `pwd` VRTSaslapm 2. After you install VRTSaslapm package, you must execute: # vxdctl enable B. If there is a VRTSaslapm package already installed on your system then perform an upgrade/downgrade install. If the DMP native support is disabled ===================================== 1. Verify that DMP native support is disabled(off) # vxdmpadm gettune dmp_native_support 2. Upgrade VRTSaslapm package to higher version, execute (to downgrade use option "-x allow_downdate=true"): # swinstall -s `pwd` VRTSaslapm 3. After you upgrade VRTSaslapm package, you must execute: # vxdctl enable If the DMP native support is enabled ==================================== 1. Verify that DMP native support is enabled(on) # vxdmpadm gettune dmp_native_support 2. Stop the applications using LVM, unmount the filesystems, deactivate the VGs # umount <filesystem> # vgchange -a n 3. Disable DMP native support(off) # vxdmpadm settune dmp_native_support=off 4. Upgrade the VRTSaslapm package # swinstall -s `pwd` VRTSaslapm 5. Enable DMP native support(on) # vxdmpadm settune dmp_native_support=on 6. Make sure VGs are up and re-mount the file-systems 4. Post-Installation Checks: ---------------------------- A. After you install VRTSaslapm package, verify output of "vxddladm listsupport" command: # vxddladm listsupport [all] # vxddladm listsupport libname=<libname> B. Check the output of "vxdmpadm listapm" command. # vxdmpadm listapm [all | apmname] C. To configure a latest APM module the following command can be used: # vxdmpadm cfgapm <apmname> NOTE: If the upgrade installation process was not able to load the latest version of an APM module then you will need to either reboot the machine or manually load the new version. To manually load the new version, the following commands can be used: # kcmodule <apmname>=unused # kcmodule <apmname>=best # vxdmpadm cfgapm <apmname> D. To see package information, execute # swlist -v VRTSaslapm Un-installation Procedure: ========================== Note: After un-installlation of VRTSaslapm package, any arrays that require an ASL/APM may not work properly until VRTSaslapm is installed again. A. To uninstall VRTSaslapm package, execute # swremove VRTSaslapm B. After you uninstall VRTSaslapm package, you must execute # vxdctl enable