This README provides information about Array Support Library (ASL) for NetApp Storage Systems (ALUA) on Veritas Volume Manager (tm) 5.0.1 and later for HP-UX 11iv3 ASL Package Name: VRTSNTAPasl ASL Package Version: vm-5.0-rev-3 Supported versions of Veritas Volume Manager: 5.0.1 and later Supported Arrays: NetApp Storage Systems (ALUA) and IBM System Storage N Series (ALUA) Supported Modes: ALUA Change Log: ----------- - Added support for Thin Provisioning, see below for required VxVM patch level. Note: ----- - For Thin provisioning support you need to be at "VxVM 5.0.1 RP2 HF1" or higher. Installation Instructions: -------------------------- 1. Create a directory to store NetApp ASL package: # mkdir /tmp/NTAP_ASL # cd /tmp/NTAP_ASL 2. Download the ASL tar package in to /tmp/NTAP_ASL 3. After downloading VRTSNTAPasl_HP_1131_5.0.1_v3.tar.gz in /tmp/NTAP_ASL/ directory, verify checksum of file # cksum VRTSNTAPasl_HP_1131_5.0.1_v3.tar.gz 1527215828 504162 VRTSNTAPasl_HP_1131_5.0.1_v3.tar.gz 4. Uncompress the file and extract the ASL package # gunzip VRTSNTAPasl_HP_1131_5.0.1_v3.tar.gz # tar xvf VRTSNTAPasl_HP_1131_5.0.1_v3.tar 5. Before adding ASL package, ensure Veritas Volume Manager is installed and enabled: # vxdctl mode mode: enabled 6. Install the ASL: # swinstall -s `pwd` VRTSNTAPasl 7. After package is installed, execute the "vxdctl enable" command to claim the disk array as NetApp array: # vxdctl enable Note: In some cases, it has been reported that the installation of the ASL and/or APM does not take effect, and "vxdctl enable" does not claim the enclosure and devices. In such cases, you can execute the "vxconfigd -k -m enable" command in addition to "vxdctl enable". 8. After executing "vxdctl enable", verify the output of the "vxddladm listsupport" command: # vxddladm listsupport ATTR_NAME ATTR_VALUE ======================================================================= LIBNAME VID NETAPP ARRAY_TYPE A/A-NETAPP, A/P-NETAPP, ALUA 9. Verify the output of "vxddladm listversion" command: # vxddladm listversion has version string: vm-5.0-rev-3. VXVM version: 5.0 Package Information: -------------------- # swlist VRTSNTAPasl # Initializing... # Contacting target "dmpia01"... # # Target: dmpia01:/ # # VRTSNTAPasl 5.0 Veritas NetApp Array Support Library VRTSNTAPasl.ASL_FILES 5.0 Veritas NetApp Array Support Library