SORT for Business Continuity

SORT is the one-stop service portal for Business Continuity users. SORT offers information for understanding products, eases installation and upgrade, improves operational efficiency, recommends configurations to align to best practices, and enables you to manage the products proactively.


[ 2016-11-08 ] SORT Support for HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity 2.0   >
[ 2016-08-02 ] SORT support for Resiliency Platform 2.0   >


  • InfoScale Enterprise/Availability
  • Risk Advisor
  • Resiliency Platform/CloudMobility
  • Disaster Recovery Orchestrator
  • ApplicationHA
  • Managed Continuity Service

InfoScale Enterprise/Availability

For detail information for refer to Storage Management page

Risk Advisor

Risk Advisor detects risks and provides prioritized remediation guidance, without agents, for reducing downtime and data loss to help you meet your availability requirements

Getting Started

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Resiliency Platform/CloudMobility

Veritas Resiliency Platform helps you proactively ensure application resiliency across hybrid clouds, with a single solution to cost-efficiently meet uptime Service Level Objectives

Veritas CloudMobility helps ensure seamless, automated and assured migration for public clouds

Veritas™ CloudMobility is powered by Veritas™ Resiliency Platform and is focused on workload migration to cloud. It provides seamless migration to the cloud with purpose fit migration pricing. Customers who start with CloudMobility for migration and need to expand to Resiliency Platform for ongoing workload resiliency and portability can do so through a simple purchase and license change, with no requirement for a product upgrade nor redeployment.

Installation and Upgrade

  • Compliance checker tool for VMware Hypervisor based Resiliency Platform Data Mover. Download here
  • Patch

Improve Efficiency

Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Disaster Recovery Orchestrator ensures business applications can recover quickly and predictably to Microsoft Azure and AWS public clouds


ApplicationHA dramatically improves high availability for business-critical virtual applications through application visibility and in-VM control

Installation and Upgrade

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Managed Continuity Service

Managed Continuity Service gives you a secure, round-the-clock and cost-effective managed disaster recovery service that lets you concentrate on growing your business.

Compliance Checker

Download and run Managed Continuity Service Compliance Checker to identify and report on the pre-requisites and configuration recommendations for implementing the Managed Continuity Service products.It provides details on the servers and records them in a report for review.

Download Managed Continuity Service Compliance Checker here

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