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Important Notes  
No new versions for NetBackup OpsCenter after

NetBackup 10.0 (including maintenance release is the last NetBackup version to include NetBackup OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics.
Please refer to NetBackup OpsCenter last release and transition to NetBackup IT Analytics FAQ for more information.

All NetBackup Servers, Clients, OpsCenter Server, NetBackup Appliance and Access

VTS17-003: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Veritas NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances and Access - VTS17-003.

All NetBackup OpsCenter Servers

Impact of security vulnerability CVE-2017-5638 on OpsCenter Server - 000125967.

Install Information
NetBackup OpsCenter (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 - x86-64) was last updated in the release.
Get ready for a newer version of NetBackup OpsCenter (
Procedure Overview:
    Plan the NetBackup OpsCenter installation by reviewing the "About planning an OpsCenter installation" topic of the 7.7.3.
    In order to install the NetBackup OpsCenter 7.7.3, follow the installation instructions found in the installing OpsCenter topic in chapter 2.
    To obtain the 7.7.3 release, please go to

    Be sure to review the Late Breaking News.
Compatibility between NetBackup versions
There is no information found for this section.
Late Breaking News - Available Hot Fixes
Available hot fixes - for details and download information, consult the Update link in the table.

For more information about installation instructions, please review NetBackup 7.7.3 on Support site.
    Hot Fix Description Install Location
    UPD967929NetBackup 8.0 / 7.7.3 HotFix - addresses CVE-2017-5638 on OpsCenter Server (article 100000477) NetBackup OpsCenter Server
    UPD999821NetBackup OpsCenter 7.7.3 HotFix - resolves multiple issues (Etrack 3890058) NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder
    UPD174342NetBackup OpsCenter HotFix - Apache Struts vulnerability - CVE-2018-11776 (article 100043979) NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder
    UPD538612NetBackup OpsCenter 7.7.3 HotFix - Unable to save report (Etrack 3889309) NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder
    UPD206470NetBackup 7.7.3 Hotfix - OpsCenter sends false alerts and may show false H/W status (Etrack 3890743) NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder
NetBackup Documentation References:
Patches for Operating System
Required PatchesThere is no information found for this section.
NetBackup OpsCenter Operating System Requirements

NetBackup OpsCenter Binary Size
    Approximate binary sizes for NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, Server, and ViewBuilder software.
    OS - All Versions CPU Architecture Agent Server ViewBuilder
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Serverx86-64 670MB 
Valid Characters in Host Names Requirement
    NetBackup OpsCenter requires host names to comply with RFC-1123, meaning only ASCII characters "a" thru "z", case insensitive, and digits "0" thru "9" and the hyphen character.
NetBackup Servers Managed By NetBackup OpsCenter
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NetBackup OpsCenter Backup Product Support
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NetBackup OpsCenter Web Browser Requirements
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NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans
  • Veritas is committed to providing the best possible data protection experience for NetBackup customers on the widest variety of platforms, operating systems, databases, applications, and hardware. Veritas is continuously reviewing NetBackup's support of these items to ensure the proper balance of supporting their General Availability release, the very latest versions of new software, hardware and introducing new features and functionality and maintaining support for existing and older versions of these products and NetBackup functionality. While Veritas is continually adding support for new features, platforms, operating systems, and applications, it may be also necessary to improve, replace, or remove support in NetBackup for lesser used, older features, functionality, software, OS, databases, applications, integration with other products, and hardware that are no longer supported or nearing their end of support life from the manufacturer from NetBackup Compatibility Lists.

    To better help its customers to plan for these upcoming changes to the support status of these items in NetBackup, Veritas will provide advanced notification as soon as possible as listed below. Veritas intends to list the older product functionality, features, hardware, OS, and 3rd party software products that will no longer be supported in the next release of NetBackup. If possible, these items are listed at least six months before that release.

    The information below lists certain features, functionality, 3rd-party and Veritas products, applications, databases, and OS/Platforms for which Veritas intends to replace with newer and improved functionality, or in some cases, discontinue without replacement. The last release of NetBackup to proliferate support of the item is provided. Technotes in the Notes column contain additional details about available replacement options. Where a major, minor or release update version is specified, the feature or platform is supported through the last Maintenance Update (patch) of that release. Where 'All' is specified, it is supported for all versions or variations of the family of the relevant or supported platforms.

    Check this site frequently for updated information for NetBackup. If an item listed below will cause significant business impacts, contact your Veritas Sales Account Team. Please note that the official NetBackup Support Lifecycle for your existing NetBackup product version won't be affected or altered in any way. For the official Veritas Support Lifecycle Policy of all NetBackup versions, see

    Information in the following table contains plans starting with NetBackup 7.5. For information concerning no longer supported platforms, consult the following section of the report.

    Information in the following table was last updated on 2023-10-23.
    Date Added/Modified Feature/Functionality/OS/Platform NetBackup Area OS/Platform OS/Platform Version CPU Architecture Last Supported Release Notes
    2021-06-03VMware Cloud Director 9.0, 9.1, 9.5AllAllAllAll9.0.0.1VMware Cloud Director 9.0, 9.1, 9.5 to be not supported from NetBackup 9.1 onwards.
    2021-02-03SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11AllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server11All8.2End of Life
    2017-05-25Pre-7.7 backlevel administration with the Java GUIMaster Server, Media Server, ClientAllAllAll8.0Pre-7.7 versions were EOSL Febuary 1, 2017. The 8.0 Windows remote administration console can be installed if needing to administer pre-7.7 NetBackup servers or perform backups/restores of pre-7.7 clients.
    2017-05-19Remote (push) installations of UNIX/Linux clients using ftpMaster Server, ClientAll UNIX and LinuxAllAll8.0Use the sftp method as the alternative. Push install from the administration console is being changed to use ssh.
    2017-05-19Remote (push) installations of UNIX/Linux clients using rshMaster Server, ClientAll UNIX and LinuxAllAll8.0Use the ssh method as the alternative. Push install from the administration console is being changed to use ssh as well.
    2017-04-19NetBackup High Availability (HA) Media ServerMedia ServerAllAllAll8.0HA Media Server was End of Life for new installs with NetBackup 7.7 and only upgrades from 6.5 were supported.  This will now continue the EOL for HA Media Server with regards to upgraded HA Media Server moving forward with the Jasper release. NetBackup Media Server App_Clusters will not be impacted. NetBackup HA Appliances are not impacted.
    2017-04-19DB2 versions 9.1, 9.5, 9.7 & 10.1NetBackup for DB2AllAllAll8.0 
    2017-03-14Replication Director for EMC VNXReplication DirectorAllAllAll8.0 
    2016-01-11BMR - XenServer supportClientAllAllAll7.7.3