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Custom Reports Using Data Collectors

Installation and Upgrade Checklist Report for Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA 5.0MP1, Solaris 10, SPARC
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Important Notes

Note: You have not selected the latest product version. Consider installing or upgrading to the latest version; otherwise, you may encounter issues that have already been fixed. To run a new report for the latest product version, select it from the Veritas product drop-down list.

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System requirements

Required number of CPUs: 2
Recommended speed of CPUs: 1 GHz
Required memory: 2 GB
Required disk space:
    Partitions Required disk space
    /opt 1141 MB
    /root 87 MB
    /usr 311 MB
    /var 3 MB
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Patches for Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA and Platform

Product (recommended)
Patch Date Size
vcs-sol_sparc-...vcsag-5.0MP1HF1 2010-02-10 204.2 KB
vcs-sol_sparc-5.0MP1HFe1834858 2009-10-06 4.34 MB
vm-sol_sparc-5.0MP1RP5HF18 2009-09-07 41.96 MB
vea-sol_sparc-5...1RP2_ObguiPatch1 2009-07-06 35.25 MB
vcs-sol_sparc-VCS50MP1+e1142970 2009-03-04 50.6 MB
vcs_agents-sol_...ApplicationAgent 2009-02-20 53.83 KB
vcs_agents-sol_s...1NFSRestartAgent 2008-10-29 27.61 KB
vcs-sol_sparc-5.0MP1HFe1377785 2008-10-13 2.23 MB
vm-sol_sparc-5.0_MP1_RP5.5 2008-09-01 51.97 MB
5.0MP1RP2 VRTSo...i VRTSaa VRTSccg 2008-08-07 47.58 MB
5.0MP1RP5.4 VRTSvxvm 2008-07-23 41.91 MB
5.0MP1RP4a VRTSvxfs 2008-07-10 33.73 MB
5.0MP1RP2 VRTSgms 2007-09-06 135.34 KB
5.0MP1RP1b2 VRTSodm 2007-08-30 1014.5 KB
5.0MP1RP1b VRTScavf 2007-04-24 332.99 KB
5.0MP1RP1a VRTSglm 2007-03-22 437.16 KB
Platform (required)
To check if the patch has been installed, use the showrev -p | grep patch_number command
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Platform configuration

Supported platform version
    Product versionPlatform version
    5.0MP1Solaris 10
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Host bus adapter (HBA) parameters and switch parameters

Unless otherwise stated, the specified Veritas product supports all HBAs (except iSCSI HBAs) and fibre channel switches supported by the platform and storage array manufacturers listed in the hardware compatibility list (HCL). For more details, click the link to the HCL.

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Operations Manager

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager gives you a single, centralized management console for the InfoScale products. You can use it to monitor, visualize, and manage storage and cluster resources, and generate reports about these components in the Management Server domain.It can also help administrators centrally manage diverse data center environments. This section lists the documents for Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager 8.0.2.