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Custom Reports Using Data Collectors

Installation and Upgrade Checklist Report for Cluster Server 6.0, Solaris 11, x86-64
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Important Notes

Note: You have not selected the latest product version. Consider installing or upgrading to the latest version; otherwise, you may encounter issues that have already been fixed. To run a new report for the latest product version, select it from the Veritas product drop-down list.

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System requirements

Required number of CPUs: 1
Required memory: 256 MB
Required disk space:
    Partitions Minimum space required Maximum space required Recommended space
    /opt 378 MB 638 MB 604 MB
    /root 6 MB 6 MB 6 MB
    /usr 17 MB 17 MB 17 MB
    /var 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB
Supported architectures:
  • AMD Opteron architecture [1][2]
  • Intel EM64T architecture [1][2]
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Patches for Cluster Server and Platform

Product (recommended)
No patches found.
Platform (required)
No patches required.
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End of Support Life information

Last updated on 2020-05-21.  Refer to support fundamental for more information about support.
Release Date(GA)Extended Support StartsSustaining Support StartsEnd of Support Life Date(EOSL)
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Platform configuration

Supported platform version
    Product versionPlatform version
    6.0Solaris 11
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High availability agents

VCS agentDocumentationApplication versionRelease date
Oracle, Netlsnr, ASMInst, ASMDG Oracle Database with ASM 11gR22012-04-04
All File Share Agents Veritas Bundled File Share agents 6.0PR12012-03-31
All Infrastructure and support agents Veritas Bundled Infrastructure and support agents 6.0PR12012-03-31
All Network Agents Veritas Bundled Network agents 6.0PR12012-03-31
All VVR Agents Veritas Bundled Replication agents 6.0PR12012-03-31
All Service and Application Agents Veritas Bundled Service and Application agents 6.0PR12012-03-31
All Storage Agents Veritas Bundled Storage agents 6.0PR12012-03-31
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Host bus adapter (HBA) parameters and switch parameters

Unless otherwise stated, the specified Veritas product supports all HBAs (except iSCSI HBAs) and fibre channel switches supported by the platform and storage array manufacturers listed in the hardware compatibility list (HCL). For more details, click the link to the HCL.

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Operations Manager

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager gives you a single, centralized management console for the InfoScale products. You can use it to monitor, visualize, and manage storage and cluster resources, and generate reports about these components in the Management Server domain.It can also help administrators centrally manage diverse data center environments. This section lists the documents for Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager 7.4.
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Additional tasks to consider

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