8.0 - 8.x.x Database and Application Agent Software Compatibility List Updates 
Update Information
    Description of Change Date NetBackup Version Start of Support
    NetBackup GA
    NetBackup GA
    NetBackup GA 8.32020-07-29NetBackup 8.3
    NetBackup GA 8.22019-06-28NetBackup 8.2
    NetBackup GA 8.1.22018-09-17NetBackup 8.1.2
    Added support for Apache HBase2018-04-30NetBackup 8.1.1
    NetBackup GA 8.1.12018-02-16NetBackup 8.1.1
    Added support for SQLite2018-01-26NetBackup 8.1
    Added support for MariaDB2017-12-22NetBackup 8.1
    Added support for PostgreSQL2017-11-17NetBackup 8.1
    Added support for MySQL 52017-10-25NetBackup 8.1
    Added support for Apache Hadoop2017-10-25NetBackup 8.1
    Added support for SAP ASE 16 SP22017-09-26NetBackup 8.1
    NetBackup GA 8.12017-09-26NetBackup 8.1
    Added support for IBM DB2 11.12017-02-01NetBackup 8.0
    Added support for Enterprise Vault 122016-12-05NetBackup 8.0
    NetBackup GA2016-12-05NetBackup 8.0
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