NetBackup Hardware Compatibility Documentation: Introduction 
  • This Hardware and Cloud Storage Compatibility List (HCL) document contains information about hardware and cloud storage solutions supported with Veritas NetBackup Enterprise Server and Server 8.2 - 8.x.x. The HCL contains separate sections for each solution type. These sections can be accessed by expanding the bookmarks on the left. (For information on other NetBackup versions, see
  • To ensure Veritas' support, tape libraries, tape drives, virtual tape devices, NDMP devices, snapshot solutions, Veritas OpenStorage Cloud solutions and Storage Servers must be present on the HCL and must be supported by the hardware manufacturer or cloud provider and the operating system vendor in the desired environment. (The list of Fibre Channel devices contained in the Infrastructure Used for Testing section represents equipment that has been used during NetBackup qualification testing in other sections of this document and is not intended to be a list of supported devices.)
  • Note: Our support policy is not the same for all solution types, so please read the notes at the beginning of each section for information on supported solution software and firmware versions.
  • Qualified hardware and cloud solutions listed in this document are tested through the Veritas Technology Ecosystem (VTE). If you would like to have hardware or cloud solutions considered for inclusion on this HCL, please contact your hardware partner or cloud provider to ensure they are a member of VTE and have submitted a request to have their product qualified with NetBackup. Information on Veritas Technology Ecosystem is available at
  • For information about certain NetBackup features, functionality, 3rd-party product integration, Veritas product integration, applications, databases, and OS platforms that Veritas intends to replace with newer and improved functionality, or in some cases, discontinue without replacement, please see the widget titled "NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans" at
  • NOTE: Support for Huawei solutions shown in this HCL is based on testing done prior to May 2019.
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