Operating Systems Compatibility List General Information 
  • Most operating system vendors provide patches and updates to their products. It is a best practice of NetBackup Quality Engineering to test with the latest service pack or patch level of the operating system when testing a platform. If a known problem exists on a specific service pack or patched OS level, this information is identified in the tables below. Any required operating system patches for specific releases of NetBackup are documented in the NetBackup Release Notes. The current patch versions of releases will work with NetBackup for the operating systems listed below unless otherwise noted. Veritas supports the standard un-altered kernel/operating system levels as indicated in the table, provided the OS Vendor still provides support for that level. Should an issue arise on a revised kernel, operating system, or virtual system environment, Veritas support may request the recreation of the problem with the standard operating environment distribution.
  • NetBackup Vault:
    This option runs on the same operating systems and versions and in the same clustering environments as NetBackup unless otherwise noted in the NetBackup Release Notes. NetBackup restrictions and limitations related to systems, clusters, and peripherals also apply to Vault.
    Exception: Vault does not support standalone drives.
  • Data at Rest Key Management Service (KMS):
    This feature is a master server-based symmetric key management service that manages symmetric cryptography keys for tape drives that conform to the T10 standard (i.e. LTO4). KMS is supported on all OS versions where the master server and media server are supported unless otherwise noted.
  • Support Definitions:
    Veritas Maintenance/Support only applies to Veritas Licensed Software, assuming you have a current Veritas Maintenance/Support subscription for such software and such Veritas Licensed Software is operating in configurations which Veritas designates as supported. Veritas Maintenance/Support does not cover (and we have no responsibility for) providing technical support, installation services or other services for any other software or hardware products. Also, Veritas is not obligated to provide Maintenance/Support when your Veritas Licensed Software is operating in configurations Veritas does not designate as supportable/supported. Please see the current Veritas Technical Support Policy and your Veritas license agreement for more information, terms and limitations.
  • Supported Configurations:
    For more information about technical notes in regards to Veritas supported configurations (such as operating system/levels, firmware levels, databases, devices, device drivers, applications, etc.), please refer to the Veritas Support website https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US.html. Please note that while Veritas makes reasonable efforts to keep this information updated, we cannot assure that this information will be in all cases complete or the most current.
  • Third Party Products:
    Where your problem may be related to product(s) from a third party vendor with whom we have a cooperative or collaborative relationship on such product(s), then Veritas may work with that vendor towards resolving your reported problem. Where Veritas does not have such a support relationship in place with the third party vendor, or where the vendor ceases to support such product(s), then our ability to support Veritas Licensed Software operating with such vendor's product(s) may be limited, affected, or prevented (and such third party product(s) may cease to be part of Veritas - supported configuration(s)). Veritas support may be limited by the hardware or software vendor due to their support lifecycle. Should a vendor announce End of Support for a product, Veritas support may be limited.