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Installation and Upgrade Checklist Report for InfoScale Enterprise 8.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 , x86-64
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Components for InfoScale

The InfoScale product you selected contains the following component(s).
  • Dynamic Multi-Pathing
  • Storage Foundation
  • Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA
  • Storage Foundation HA
  • Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
  • Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE
  • Cluster Server
Get more introduction of Veritas InfoScale.
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Upgrade Information

Upgrade the OS to RHEL8 Update 4. Then use the installer to upgrade your product to 8.0.
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System requirements

Required CPU number and memory:
     Required number of CPUsRequired memory
    SF or SFHAN/A2GB
    SF Oracle RAC or SF Sybase CE22GB
Required disk space:
    Partitions Minimum space required Maximum space required Recommended space
    /opt 569 MB 3843 MB 617 MB
    /root 15 MB 819 MB 15 MB
    /usr 11 MB 442 MB 11 MB
Supported architectures:
  • AMD Opteron architecture [1]
  • Intel EM64T architecture [1]
  • 1. Supports only the 64-bit versions of the software stacks.
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Product features

The features in the list are enabled in this release.
FeatureInfoScale Enterprise
1-256 TB File System
1.4X times improvement in FSS performance
2X - 4X improvement in VVR performance
64 Node Cluster Support
AES 256 bit encryption support for vcs agent communication through vcsencrypt utility
ALUA and Generic ALUA Array Support
AWS Disk Agent for AWS
AWS Support: cluster scaling up and down (AMI/CFT)
AWS: Full Stack InfoScale Support
AWSIP agent for AWS
Adaptive HA
Advance CPS-Member Aware CPS Solution
Ansible Enhancements
Application Agents
Application Migration to AWS
Application data migration across clouds (AWS/Azure) using replication (VVR)
Atomic I/O
Auto-Clear Faults
Azure Support
AzureAuth Agent for Azure
AzureDNSZone Agent for Azure
AzureDisk Agent for Azure
AzureIP Agent for Azure
Bundled Agents
CFS Multi-transaction server
CLI to configure VIOM Management Server (CMS & CMS HA) deployment models
Centralised reporting across Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM) Management Servers
Cloud Enablement : InfoScale Support for GCP Cloud
Cloud Enablement : InfoScale Support for GOV Cloud
Cluster File System
Cluster Volume Manager
Concurrent I/O
Core requirements for VCS: Customizations around HAD start-up, environment variables to decide Service group evacuation and CMDSERVER startup
Cost Effective Scalability: Erasure coding enhancements
DG level encryption
Data management application programming interface (DMAPI)
Database storage checkpoints & rollback
Deeper integration with DevOps utilities like Ansible for Deployment & Configuration (On-prem and Cloud) (RHEL)
Deeper integration with DevOps utilities like YUM for Deployment, Upgrades and Patching for RHEL
Delayed allocation for Extending writes in CFS
Deployment of InfoScale through CPI integration with CHEF automation platform
Deployment simplification : Ansible support
Device names consistent across cluster nodes
Direct I/O
Dynamic Multi-pathing
Enable S3 devices to be consumed by VM/FS
Encryption of data at rest - Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Certified
Encryption of data at rest for replicated (VVR) volumes
Enhancements for Apache Agent(SystemD)
Enhancements in LLT to cater to greater resilience during high load conditions in VMWare
Erasure Coding Support
Fault tolerant file system
File Change Log
File Replicator option
File system migration from EXT4 to VxFS
File system snapshots
File system storage checkpoints
Full 64-bit support without additional packages
Functionality & performance for VMDK workload and iSCSI block workloads (FEL - DLV 14 Onwards)
Global Cluster Option (GCO)
Heartbeats: LLT over UDP
Heartbeats: Low-priority
Heartbeats:Dedicated Private Network connections
Heartbeats:Infiniband and 10GB Ethernet with RDMA
Heterogeneous Application Mobility for InfoScale Managed workloads
IMF support for NFS mount
IPv6 NFS MountAgent Support
Improved VVR network bandwidth utilization for TCP protocol
Improvised diagnostics & evidence collection, reduced TTR, enhanced debug-ability
InfoScale plug-in for OEM 13c (Oracle Enterprise Manager)
Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF)
Keyless licensing
LLT over TCP
LLT over UDP Performance improvements
Large cluster deployments (up to 128 node)
Licensing simplification: SLIC Migration
Live migration from Oracle ASM Single Instance to VxFS
Live migration from Oracle ASM on RAC to VxFS
Manual Campus Cluster Failover
Migration from Native (ext4) to VxFS
Mix Engine Version Support
Monitor Only Resource
Mount lock
NFSv4 support
Named data streams
Non-SCSI3 Fencing with Coordination Point Servers
Nutanix Support
Online coordinator disk replacement
Online file system defragmentation
Online file system grow & shrink
Online relay out
Online volume grow & shrink
Option to introduce timeout value while shutting down vcs service
Option to just start and stop application agent and not monitor
Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) and Cached ODM (CODM)
Oracle RAC integration
Partitioned directories
Performance enhancements File level replication (VFR)
Performance enhancements for DB2-restore operation
Portable Data Containers (formerly known as Cross-Platform Data Sharing (CDS))
Preferred Application or Service Group I/O Fencing
Preferred Node I/O Fencing
Preferred Site I/O Fencing
Priority Based Failover
PubSec compliance with FIPS 140-2 
Public Cloud support - Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure
Public-Sector Compliance: IPv6 InfoScale Stack-Wide Support
Puppet support
REKEY support
REST API Support for InfoScale HA and DR operations
Replicator option (formerly Volume Replicator)
Rolling upgrade
Route53 agent for AWS
S3 cloud file level tiering
S3 connector enhancements (V4 authentication)
SCSI-3 based I/O fencing
SCSI3-PGR Fencing with Coordinator Disks
SELinux Support with RHEL 7.6 & other security enhancements
Site awareness with remote mirrors
SmartAssist - SmartIO analysis & enablement tool
SmartIO - Volume Manager and File System Read Caching
SmartIO Support for vMotion with DMP for VMware with SmartPools
SmartTier (formerly Dynamic Storage Tiering)
SmartTier for Oracle (formerly Database DST)
Space-optimized instant snapshot
Support for Audit logging in File System
Support for Azure Ultra Disk (Cloud)
Support for Co-existence of NBU Snapshots and InfoScale High-Availability in VMWare ecosystem
Support for Erasure Coded volumes
Support for Non modifiable storage checkpoints in File System
Support for Oracle Flex-ASM and Oracle PDB
Support for Secure Clock in File System
Support for SmartIO Parallel Cache
Support for Soft-WORM in File System
Support for WORM in File System
Support for native 4k sector size storage devices
Support systemd
Thin storage reclamation
Thin storage reclamation using UNMAP
Usability enhancements on Veritas File Replicator
Usability enhancements on large clusters management using VIOM
User & group quotas
VCS - Online Upgrade
VCS : Cloned agent support for IMF/AMF
VCS : IMF support and other enhancements for CIFS bundled agent
VVR : Allow a slave node to be configured as logowner
VVR : Scale vradmind to work in a multi RVG environment
VVR Adaptive synchronous mode
VVR DCM log in DCO
Virtual Business Services
Volume Replicator (VVR) enhancements for performance and resiliency
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Patches for InfoScale Enterprise and Platform

Product (recommended)
Patch Date Size
infoscale-rhel8...Patch- 2024-04-01 610.78 MB
cpi-Patch- 2023-11-27 81.26 KB
infoscale-rhel8...Patch- 2023-09-27 1.09 GB
infoscale-rhel8...Patch- 2022-10-04 932.65 MB
infoscale-rhel8...Patch- 2022-04-14 556.22 MB
infoscale-rhel8...Patch- 2022-02-07 396.96 MB
Platform (required)
No patches required.
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End of Support Life information

Last updated on 2024-04-16.  Refer to EOSL page for more information about support.
Release Date(GA)Extended Support StartsSustaining Support StartsEnd of Support Life Date(EOSL)
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Platform configuration

    Unless otherwise stated, the specified Veritas product supports all platform kernel versions.
Supported platform version. Last updated on 2023-05-17
    Product versionPlatform version
    8.0Update 2, Update 4, Update 5 with product patch, Update 6 with product patch, Update 7 with product patch, Update 8 with product patch
Required platform packages:
  • chrony.x86_64
  • ethtool.x86_64
  • binutils.x86_64
  • policycoreutils-python-utils.noarch
  • libhbaapi.x86_64
  • libhbalinux.x86_64
  • policycoreutils.x86_64
  • bc.x86_64
  • glibc.x86_64
  • ncurses-compat-libs.x86_64
  • libnsl.x86_64
  • libgcc.x86_64
  • findutils.x86_64
  • ed.x86_64
  • coreutils.x86_64
  • libstdc++.x86_64
  • compat-openssl10.x86_64
  • libacl.x86_64
  • ksh.x86_64
  • zlib.x86_64
  • perl.x86_64
  • perl-Exporter.noarch
  • perl-Socket.x86_64
  • kmod.x86_64
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Host bus adapter (HBA) parameters and switch parameters

Unless otherwise stated, the specified Veritas product supports all HBAs (except iSCSI HBAs) and fibre channel switches supported by the platform and storage array manufacturers listed in the hardware compatibility list (HCL).

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Operations Manager

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager gives you a single, centralized management console for the InfoScale products. You can use it to monitor, visualize, and manage storage and cluster resources, and generate reports about these components in the Management Server domain.It can also help administrators centrally manage diverse data center environments. This section lists the documents for Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager 8.0.2.