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Custom Reports Using Data Collectors

Risk Assessment Checklist Report for

Product: Storage Foundation Cluster File System

Platform: Linux

Product version: 5.0.1

Product component: Oracle Disk Manager

Check category: All


Package Consistency

Check category: Availability

Check description: Checks that packages installed across all the nodes in a cluster are consistent

Check procedure:

  • Identifies the packages installed on all the nodess in a cluster.
  • Verifies that the package installed and its version are consistent across all the nodes in the cluster.

Check recommendation: Ensure that packages installed on all the nodes in a cluster are consistent and package versions are identical. Inconsistent packages can cause errors in application fail-over.

Verify software patch level

Check category: Best practices

Check description: Checks whether the installed Storage Foundation / InfoScale products are at the latest software patch level.

Check procedure:

  • Identifies all the Storage Foundation / InfoScale products installed on the system.
  • Verifies whether the installed products have the latest software versions that are available for download.

Check recommendation: To avoid known risks or issues, it is recommended that you install the latest versions of the Storage Foundation / InfoScale products on the system.

Input/output accelerators for databases

Check category: Performance

Check description: Checks whether or not the Oracle database is using Veritas Extension for Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) for the VxFS File System. ODM is an API jointly developed by Oracle and Veritas. ODM improves Oracle database performance on file systems.

Check procedure:

  • Checks if the VRTSodm pkg is present.
  • Checks if the ODM feature is licensed.
  • Checks if Oracle 9i or later is present.
  • Checks if libodm is present.
  • Checks if Oracle ODM is linked to VRTSodm.

Check recommendation: You can use the ODM Extension for VxFS File System to provide better I/O performance to applications using Oracle9i or later. This feature is recommended over the Quick IO (QIO) or Concurrent IO (CIO) features for file system. As of now, this check does not check for QIO/CIO usage.