Veritas™ Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT)

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Custom Reports Using Data Collectors

Risk Assessment Checklist Sample Report for

Product: NetBackup

Platform: Linux

Product version: 7.7

Product component: All

Check category: All


Check category: Best Practices

Check description: Check if there are some available hotfixes for NetBackup which are not installed.

Check procedure:

  • Identifies all hotfixes on your system.
  • Compares the list with the available hotfixes applicable to your system.
  • Provides a list of those not installed on your system for your assessment of applicability to your environment.

Check recommendation: If the hotfix is applicable to your environment, follow its installation procedures.

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EEB Installer instructions

Check category: Best Practices

Check description: Check if the host name is acceptable for NetBackup Web Management or Administration Console connections.

Check procedure:

  • Check if the host name contains valid characters only.

Check recommendation: Valid characters in a host name are only ASCII characters 'a' thru 'z' case insensitive and digits '0' thru '9' and the hyphen character.

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Technote 000125019

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