The disk layout is the way Veritas File System (VxFS) information is stored on disk. Veritas File System (VxFS) provides new product feature support by releasing a new disk layout version. New features are only supported in a specific disk layout version, so the disk layout version may require upgrading to benefit from the enhanced product functionality introduced in that specific product version.

VxFS Disk Layout Versions Feature Matrix


How to Upgrade VxFS Disk Layout Versions

Pre-Upgrade checks:

Veritas recommends that before you begin to upgrade the product version, you must upgrade the existing file system to the highest supported disk layout version.

NOTE: Once a disk layout version has been upgraded, it is not possible to downgrade to the previous version.

Use the following command to check your disk layout version:

# fstyp -v /dev/vx/dsk/dg1/vol1 | grep -i version


To upgrade the file system disk layout version, you must first mount the file system and then upgrade it using the vxupgrade. Alternatively, this can also be done using the vxfsconvert utility.


Upgrades an existing VxFS file system to a supported disk layout version while the file system remains online.

See the vxupgrade(1M) manual page.


Upgrades a no-longer supported disk layout version to a supported version while the file system is not mounted.

The vxfsconvert command can also be used to convert a native file system (ext2, ext3, and ext4) to VxFS, while the file system is not mounted.

See the vxfsconvert(1M) manual page.


If you use the vxupgrade utility, you must incrementally upgrade the disk layout versions. However, you can directly upgrade to a desired version, using the vxfsconvert utility.

NOTE: When upgrading the disk layout version, ensure you have a current backup, especially when upgrading from legacy (deprecated) disk layout versions. Once the disk layout version has been upgraded, it cannot be reversed.

For example, to upgrade from disk layout version 6 to disk layout version 10, use the vxupgrade utility as follows:

# vxupgrade -n 7 /mnt
# vxupgrade -n 8 /mnt
# vxupgrade -n 9 /mnt
# vxupgrade -n 10 /mnt


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