Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Real Application Cluster 
usage: %s [-q] [-S<bfsz>] -h|-t|-D|-A|-p arg|-s arg1,...|-u arg1,... -q quiet - do not print progress messages -S <buf-size> specify the buffer size for dump/debug logs -d <delay> : daemon process delay -o <file> : output file (template w/ 4+ 'X' chars) -z <f-size> : max output file size (if template, def 16MB) -t print current value of tunable parameters -D print dump log -A print dump log on all nodes to syslog -p memb : print current node membership -p state : print the cluster state -p stats : print io statistics -p dbglog : print debug log -p msglog : print message log -p dbgflags : print current debug flags -p dbgmsg=x : print value of debug point x -p errmsg=x : print value of error point x


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