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Severity: Error 
Component: Storage Foundation Windows 
Operation invalid as DCM is in use.


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Last Modified: 2009-11-11 04:01:14 PDT
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The rlink (replication link) has the "dcm_logging" flag set which is visible in the Veritas Exterprise Administrator (VEA) gui or from executing "vxprint -Pl" at the command prompt.

Problem description

This error may occur if the Data Change Map (DCM) is in use by the Replicated Volume Group (RVG) when performing the RLINK attach or the Expand Volume operation.

Possible causes

The DCM could be in use by an RVG due to any one of the following reasons:
  • Initial automatic synchronization for the data volumes is in progress
  • The Replicator Log overflowed while the protection mode was set to DCM or AutoDCM
  • Primary data volumes are being resynchronized using the snapshot volumes
  • Fast-failback is in progress

If the DCM is in use by the RVG due to any of these reasons, then the following operations may fail:
  • RLINK attach operation using vxrlink att
  • Start replication operation using the vxrds startrep command or Start Replication operation using VEA
  • Expand Volume operation using either the vxrds resizesrl or vxrds resizevol commands, or the Expand Volume option in VEA


If the volume resize or RLINK attach operations fail, do the following before retrying the commands:
  • If resynchronization is in progress, then make sure that any secondaries in DCM mode complete the resynchronization
  • If autosync is in progress then make sure that the operation

The following procedure may be used to remove the "dcm_logging" flag:
1. Do a force attach to the new secondary using vxrds command:
vxrds -g <dgname> -f startrep <local_rvg> <sec_host>  
2. Detach the same secondary using the vxrds command:
vxrds -g <dgname> stoprep <local_rvg> <sec_host>  
3. Check RVG flags in "vxprint -lVP" output whether DCM_LOGGING flag is removed or not.

If DCM_LOGGING flag is removed go ahead and retry the operation.
For example, to do autosync attach of the new secondary using GUI or vxrds command:
vxrds -g <dgname> -a startrep <local_rvg> <sec_host>


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