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Severity: Error 
Component: Storage Foundation Windows 
Failed to acquire lock on volume. Please close all applications using volume(s) under replication and try this operation again.

This issue may occur when performing any of the following operations:

- Disabling data access to the replicated volume group (RVG)
- Creating the secondary RVG
- Adding new volumes to the RVG
- Migrating the RVG

These operations first try to lock all the volumes under the RVG.  This holds true for both the primary and secondary RVG volumes.  These operations also require that no application should be using the volumes under replication.


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Possible Causes

These operations fail if Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) is unable to lock the volume because of the following reasons:

- An application or file handle is still open on the volume, preventing it from being locked
- The volume drive letter is being accessed through Windows Explorer or the Windows command prompt

When performing a "migrate" operation, the command attempts to disable data access to the RVG.  However, if it is unable to lock the volumes due to any of the reasons mentioned, the operation fails.


1. Ensure that the required volumes are not accessed through any of the Explorer windows or the command prompt
2. Ensure that the application handles are closed on these volumes
3. Before disabling data access to the RVG, stop the application
4. Ensure that you provide sufficient time for the cached buffers to be flushed before performing these operations

In some rare cases, even after closing all the applications that were using the replicated volumes, the volume will not be dismounted because of some system or application problem.  In these cases, forcefully dismount the volume using the chkdsk /x command. After dismounting the volumes forcefully, the RVG dismount or disable data access succeeds.

Warning: Use chkdsk to forcefully dismount the volumes only in situations where all other recommended actions do not work.  Forced dismount causes all open handles on the volume to become invalid and may result in data loss causing the applications that were using these volumes to crash.


Use the vxrvg dismount command to determine whether enable or disable data access operations will succeed



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