Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Storage Foundation Windows 
Operation timed out. The configuration server may be busy or down.


The amount of time taken by the operation has exceeded the timeout period, normally one minute.

Note: Several issues related to Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) are resolved by installing Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) 4.3 Maintenance Pack (MP) 2, or later.

Possible causes

  • If the replication packet size is greater than 1400 bytes or 1 KB, this error may be encountered when replicating across some firewalls.  In particular, this may occur when attempting an automatic resynchronization (autosync) operation or when attempting to change the replication packet size.
  • Some operations require active read or write requests on the volumes to be completed before this command can be interpreted.
  • The processing of the command may have been delayed if another command is still being executed by Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR).
  • Unexpected communication errors between the hosts in the Replicated Data Set (RDS) or between different VVR components on the same host prevented the operation from completing.  Subsequent attempts to run the same or different commands may also return with same error.


Veritas solutions
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Last Modified: 2009-11-09 06:46:12 PST
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1. Check any network components that are capable of packet filtering (such as firewalls) to determine if replication packets are being dropped because the packet size exceeds a limit that has been specified by the network component.  In many cases,  large UDP packets are blocked by default.
2. Verify that the firewall is not blocking ports 4145 (UDP), 2148 (TCP/UDP), 8199 (TCP) or 8989 (TCP)
In some cases, the operation may eventually succeed despite the error message.  This can happen if VVR is still waiting for read or write requests or other commands to complete.
3. Restart the Veritas Storage Agent service.

Warning: Restarting the Veritas Storage Agent service in a clustered environment may cause Volume Manager Disk Group (VMDG) resources to fault.  

  • If Veritas Clustering (VCS) is present, freeze any cluster service groups that contain VMDG resources before restarting the Veritas Enterprise Administrator service
  • If Microsoft Clustering (MSCS) is present, move any cluster resource groups that contain VMDG resources to another node before restarting the Veritas Storage Agent service

4. Decrease the replication packet size to 1300 bytes

5. Delete and recreate the replicated data set (RDS)


When creating an RDS using the wizard, set the packet size to 1KB or 1400 bytes (default) or lower



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