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Component: Replicator 
Cannot checkend RVG which is not checkstarted.


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Last Modified: 2009-11-11 03:17:08 PDT
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The issue

This error may be encountered when running a  Check End operation by using the vxrvg end checkpoint command. For a Check End operation to complete successfully, the replicated volume group (RVG) must already be in a Check Started state. This error will appear if a end checkpoint is run, but Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) is unable to locate an RVG that is in a Check Started state.

Possible causes

  • No Check Start operation was run on the RVG prior to running the Check End command
  • A Check Start operation was run earlier, but it has become stale because the Storage Replicator Log (SRL) has been overwritten due to circular logging, or the RVG role was changed to "secondary" after the Check Start operation was run.


Verify that the RVG is Check Started. In the Veritas Administrator GUI, Replication Network, the RVG state will show Checkpoint started.

Verify the RVG has not become stale due to either of the reasons listed above



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