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Severity: Error 
Component: Cluster Server 
Unable to online group %s on system %s. Group has probes pending on system

This message occurs if the agent processes have not monitored each resource in the service group. When the VCS engine (HAD) starts, it immediately probes to find the initial state of all the resources. In such a scenario, the Group attribute ProbesPending is set to the number of resources which are not probed on a system.


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The probes can be pending on a system at System or Agent startup. In this case, allow sufficient time for the probe of all the resources to complete, and then bring the group online.

To determine which resources are not probed, do the following:

  1. Check the value of the ProbesPending attribute for the group. Enter:

    # hagrp -value <group> <ProbesPending> [<system>]

    The value should be greater than zero, which indicates that some of the resources in the group are not probed.
  2. Verify the local Probed attribute for each resource in this group. From the command result, you can determine which resources in this group are not probed. Enter:

    # hares -value <res> Probed [<system>]

    If the result shows 0, it means that the resource is waiting for probe; 1 means probed; 2 means VCS not booted.
  3. Probe the resources which are waiting for probe. Enter:

    # hares -probe <res> -sys <system>

    Note: You can also skip this step, and wait for the probe of the resources to be completed automatically.

See the engine log and agent log for information on the reasons for the pending probes.


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