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Severity: Warning 
Component: Cluster Server 
In a multi-CPU system, configure an adequately high value for the %s attribute. This ensures that when a system panics, its service groups successfully fail over to other systems. For more information, refer to the VCS Administrator's Guide.

The Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) ShutdownTimeout attribute determines whether to treat a system restart as a fault for service groups running on the system.

On many systems, when a restart occurs, the processes are stopped first, and then the system goes down. When the VCS engine is stopped, the service groups that include the failed system in their SystemList attributes are autodisabled. However, if the system goes down within the number of seconds designated in the ShutdownTimeout attribute, service groups previously online on the failed system are treated as faulted. They are failed over to other nodes in the cluster.

On computers with a large number of CPUs or memory, the time the computer takes to go down may exceed the default value of ShutdownTimeout. For systems running several applications and having multiple CPUs, consider increasing the value of the ShutdownTimeout attribute.


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You must tune the ShutdownTimeout value based on the maximum time it takes to shut down your system. To check the ShutdownTimeout value, enter:

# hasys -value nodename ShutdownTimeout

To modify ShutdownTimeout, use the following commands:

# haconf -makerw

# hasys -modify nodename ShutdownTimeout new_time_in_seconds

# haconf -dump -makero


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