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Severity: n/a 
Component: Cluster Server 
Agent %s ipm connection still valid

If the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) high availability daemon (HAD) does not receive a heartbeat from the agent, VCS checks if the IPM socket connection is closed. If the connection is still valid, HAD displays the heartbeat loss message (V-16-1-10023) followed by the message above.


Heartbeats should be received within the time specified by the AgentReplyTimeout value. If the connection is valid, VCS waits for that length of time before killing the agent. VCS indicates the wait by displaying the wait message (V-16-1-53027).


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Last Modified: 2010-12-28 02:24:11 PDT
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The agent might not have chance to send a heartbeat to VCS because of a heavy system load. If, after the above message, there is no further message indicating that the agent is still busy (except for V-16-1-53027), and haagent -display shows that the agent is in the RUNNING state, there is no issue, and the agent has restarted communication with VCS. 


If the logs further indicate that the agent failed and haagent -display indicates that it is not in the RUNNING state, check if the agent was killed for any reason.  If the above message is recorded repeatedly in the engine_A.log file at some interval, it indicates that the agent and/or system is under load, and it is not scheduled sufficiently to send heartbeats to VCS.  In such cases, you may want to check the performance of the system and perform load-balancing.


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