Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Cluster Server 
State file: [%s] does not exist. Clean process cannot proceed

This message can appear when the IPMultiNIC agent cannot determine details for current active network interface card (NIC) for the configured virtual IP address. This message can mean that the virtual IP address is not plumbed on the computer where this message is seen. For example, if the virtual IP configured in the IPMultiNIC resource is already in use on some other computer, and online operation of that resource is performed, you may see this message.

This message applies to Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) release 5.1 SP1 RP 4 and earlier.


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Last Modified: 2014-03-13 02:20:24 PDT
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (x86-64)
Release: Generic

Ensure that the virtual IP configured in IPMultiNIC resource is not already in use on some other computer than where the online operation is performed.


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