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Installing SQL 2008 fails with V-16-13-3322


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Last Modified: 2009-11-10 06:15:56 PDT
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After installing Storage Foundation for Windows High Availability (SFW) or Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) 5.1 Application Pack 1 (AP1), the install of Microsoft SQL 2008 fails with the error code V-16-13-3322.
How to identify
This issue is apparent on systems where SFW HA or VCS has been installed to a non default drive (ie, not C:\). AP1 will install correctly, but functionality issues will appear, such as the MS SQL server installation error.  During the installation some links may have been changed that refer to the default drive instead of the installed location.
This issue has been identified and a private fix is available from Symantec Enterprise Technical Support. To obtain the private fix, contact Symantec Support and reference this TechNote during the call. A support representative will be available to assist in troubleshooting this issue. If it is determined that the private fix addresses the problem, the support representative will further assist in obtaining the private fix.


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