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Last Modified: 2009-11-11 19:20:30 PDT
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In a multi-domain environment with a parent-child configuration, the Exchange Setup Wizard fails to validate the specified domain name of a node belonging to a child domain, displaying the error message above.
The Exchange Setup Wizard fails to validate the domain name if the domain suffix specified by the user is not in the same domain name space.
This issue has been identified in Etrack Incident 390711 and a private fix is available by clicking on Download Now below.
1. Exit the Exchange Setup Wizard
2. Download and extract the private file to a temporary location on your cluster node from technote:
See the table below to determine which file you must download:
      | Operating System | Name of Private File to Download |
      | Windows 2000     |     |
      | Windows 2003     |    |
    Each .zip file contains the following files:
      | Name of the file  | New Version number |
      | Setup.exe         |        |
      | Setup_Lang_en.dll |        |
3. Copy the extracted files, Setup.exe and Setup_Lang_en.dll, to the %VCS_HOME%\bin\ExchSetup directory. The variable %VCS_HOME% is the default installation directory for VERITAS Cluster Server, typically C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Cluster Server. The earlier versions of those files are replaced.
4. Replace these files on each cluster node that has VERITAS Cluster Server 4.3 installed, and then re-run the Exchange Setup Wizard
This Private is a supported fix that has not been fully regression tested and must be applied only to systems that are severely affected by the problem. For other situations, Symantec recommends that you wait for the next service pack that will contain this fix.

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