Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Cluster Server 
Failed to connect to the cluster. Error reason: %s

This error occurs when you try to connect to a cluster using the Cluster Configuration Wizard (VCW). The possible causes are:

  • The cluster may not be in the RUNNING state.
  • In case of single sign on authentication, the user who launched VCW might not have the appropriate privileges.
  • In case of VCS authentication, the user credentials provided might be incorrect.


To run VCW, you must have:

  • Local Administrator privileges on the system where you run the wizard. The user account must be a domain user account.
  • Administrative access to all systems selected for cluster operations. Add the domain user account to the local Administrator group of each system.


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Last Modified: 2012-05-30 21:17:18 PST
Platform: Windows Server 2003 (x86-64), Windows Server 2003 (IA-64), Windows Server 2003 (x86-32), Windows Server 2008 (x86-64), Windows Server 2008 (IA-64), Windows Server 2008 (x86-32), Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Release: Generic
  • Before you run VCW, check the cluster connectivity through the HA command line interface (using the haclus -display command) or through the JavaGUI.
  • Check whether the HAD service is running. Use the following commands:

    • sc query HAD

      Sample output is as follows:

      SERVICE_NAME               : had
      TYPE                                   : 10 WIN32_OWN_PROCESS
      STATE                                 : 4 RUNNING
                                                  (STOPPABLE, PAUSABLE, ACCEPTS_SHUTDOWN)
      WIN32_EXIT_CODE        : 0  (0x0)
      SERVICE_EXIT_CODE    : 0  (0x0)
      CHECKPOINT                   : 0x0
      WAIT_HINT                       : 0x0

    • hasys -state

      Sample output is as follows:

      #System      Attribute          Value
      VCSNODE1    SysState           RUNNING
      VCSNODE2    SysState           RUNNING


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