Error Code details
Severity: Notice 
Component: Cluster Server 
Agent is calling clean for resource(%s) because the resource is up even after offline completed.

The message is displayed before the clean agent function takes a resource offline forcefully, after the offline agent function fails.

The engine takes a resource offline because of a service group failure or because the hares -offline res_name command was issued. The engine requests the agent to take the resource offline. If, after it executes the offline agent function, the agent finds the resource online, it executes the clean agent function to bring the resource offline forcefully.


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Last Modified: 2011-08-06 01:09:30 PST
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Determine why the offline agent function failed:

  1. If the offline agent function times out, increase the value of the OfflineTimeout attribute. If the system is heavily loaded, increase the value of EPPriority or EPClass attributes. 
  2. If the offline agent function does not time out, enable logs for the agent by setting the LogDbg attribute. Examine the agent log to find the reason for failure and take appropriate corrective actions.


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