Error Code details
Severity: Warning 
Component: Cluster Server 
(server1) CFSMount:<cfs_mount_resource>:online:Mount Error : UX:vxfs mount.


The issue:
The attempt to online a Mount resource in a cluster using Cluster File System (CFS) Active-Active configuration fails with error code V-3-26144 and error code V-16-20011-5508.
2009/09/10 11:29:18 VCS WARNING V-16-20011-5508 (server1) CFSMount:<cfs_mount_resource>:online:Mount Error : UX:vxfs mount.
                 vxfs: WARNING: V-3-26144: conflicting suboptions: ioerror=mwdisable and cluster
To resolve the issue:
Due to the fact that a CFS cluster is active-active, CFS mounted filesystems are online on all nodes.
For this example, review the following mount resource from an incorrectly setup cluster configuration file:
            CFSMount cfs_mount (
                        MountPoint = "<mountpoint>"
                        BlockDevice = "/dev/vx/dsk/<disk_group>/<volume>"
                        MountOpt@server1 = "suid,largefiles,ioerror=mwdisable"
                        MountOpt@server2 = "suid,largefiles,ioerror=mwdisable"
                        MountOpt@server3 = "suid,largefiles,ioerror=mwdisable"
In a scenario where connection to a SAN on one node is lost, the option "ioerror=mwdisable" will cause the volume to become disabled on all nodes.
Disabling the volume on the other cluster nodes which may still have SAN access would not be desirable, as this would cause an unnecessary outage.
The Cluster File System software is aware of the conflicting options and sends warning messages logged in /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log.

The solution is to remove the "ioerror=mwdisable" option from the mount resource mount options.


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