Error Code details
Severity: Information 
Component: Cluster Server 
Initiating connection to cluster <cluster_name> at <IP_address>

This message is displayed on a GCO setup when you attempt to establish inter-cluster communication after upgrading security to 2048 bit key encryption and SHA256 signature certificates.

During the upgrade, the vcsauthserver gets 2048 bit SHA256 certificates and the trust information gets deleted, which causes the WAC communication to break.


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Last Modified: 2015-12-14 00:27:24 PDT
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Reestablish the trust relationship between WAC components for the global cluster:

  • Set up trust for each node at each site with WAC of remote site. Perform the steps given under Re-establishing WAC communication in global cluster after upgrading to 2048 bit key and SHA 256 signature certificates section in the VCS Configuration and upgrade guide.


Note: VCS versions lower than 6.0.5 will not communicate with VCS 7.1 even after setuptrust. You must upgrade to VCS 6.0.5 or above on clusters running VCS versions lower than 6.0.5.


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