Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: File System 
exclusion zone for devid/blknum = %s, len = %s failed

This message displays during a file system resize or reclaim operation. It indicates that the ioctl to set the exclusion zone failed.


Veritas solutions
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Last Modified: 2011-01-07 20:03:47 PDT
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-32), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (POWER)
Release: Generic

The possible causes and solutions for this error include the following:


  • There is an I/O error on the device. Verify the syslogs for any such messages.
  • The file system meta data is not consistent. Run fsck and retry the operation.

If neither solution resolves the problem, contact Symantec Technical Support.


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