Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: File System 
ioctl failed, %s, error %d

To monitor cfsmount resource, fsclustadm command is issued to check the mount type.

The detailed error message may look like this:


CFSMount: cfsmount-resource :monitor:Cmd Failed: Status : 255 Cmd : /opt/VRTSvxfs/sbin/fsclustadm mounttype / mount-point Error: UX:vxfs fsclustadm: ERROR: V-3-20308: ioctl failed, Invalid argument, error 22 



The error happens under these conditions:

  • The file system mounted on the mount point is not a vxfs file system
  • The file system exists in mnttab although df shows the file system is not mounted
  • The following check on df_klat shows volume2 has the same characteristics as volume1.  This suggests volume2 is not mounted.     $ more df_klat |grep udbdump 
    /dev/vx/dsk/diskgroup/volume1 316824576 204725780 105093036 67% /volume1 
    /dev/vx/dsk/diskgroup/volume2 316824576 204725780 105093036 67% /volume1/volume2



Veritas solutions
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Unmount the file system and then re-mount it.

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