Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: File System 
mount option(s) incompatible with file system %s


The above error will appear under the following conditions:


  • Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.x is installed and configured. Administrator uses fsadm command to change the cluster file system attribute from largefiles to nolargefiles.  For example:


      # fsadm -o nolargefiles /cfs


  • After the file system attribute is changed, the administrator checks all the nodes that are configured with the nolargfiles attribute and mount them with nolargefiles.  For example:


      # mount -v|grep /cfs/dev/vx/dsk/cfsdg/cfs on /cfs type vxfs (rw,mntlock=VCS,cluster,crw,log,nolargefiles,ioerror=mdisable) 


  • If a node is rebooted, or if an offline/online operation of one of the nodes that contains the secondary CFSMount resource attempts to mount the CFSMount resource after reboot or an offline/online operation.  The error would occur even if the user attempts to mount the file system with the nolargefiles option.  For example:


      # mount -F vxfs -ocluster,nolargefiles /dev/vx/dsk/cfsdg/cfs /cfs

      UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-21272: mount option(s) incompatible with file system /dev/vx/dsk/cfsdg/cfs


The fsadm command only changes the mountinfo structure but not the mount flags.


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Last Modified: 2010-12-02 05:05:05 PDT
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Re-mount all nodes that currently have the file systems mounted with the nolargefiles option. The re-mount operation overwrites the fst_moflag with the correct mount options. Then the mount operation will  succeed.  For example:

# mount -t vxfs -o remount,cluster,log,nolargefiles /dev/vx/dsk/cfsdg/cfs /cfs


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