Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: File System 
Usage: vxtunefs [[-b [value]] | [-p] [-s [ -f tunefstab ] [ -o options ]] [mount point | special ]] ... where options is a comma separated list of one or more of the following: [read_pref_io=value], [read_nstream=value], [write_pref_io=value], [write_nstream=value], [discovered_direct_iosz=value], [max_direct_iosz=value], [write_throttle=value], [max_diskq=value], [initial_extent_size=value], [max_seqio_extent_size=value], [max_buf_data_size=value], [read_ahead=value], [inode_aging_size=value], [inode_aging_count=value], [fcl_maxalloc=value], [fcl_keeptime=value], [fcl_winterval=value] -o and -f options are mutually exclusive The default tunefstab is %s


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