Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Operations Manager 
Failed to add <Broker Name> to the domain. Could not fetch domains from <Broker Name>.

Veritas Operations Manager users need to add an additional authentication broker to add a new domain to Veritas Operations Manager Management Server. However, you may encounter error during this operation if:

  • The host name is not running the broker.
  • The provided port number is incorrect, or the port in not open.
  • Authentication broker version mismatch.
  • Presence of firewall. It may prevent the communication.


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Last Modified: 2012-06-28 23:46:37 PST
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-32), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (POWER)
Release: Generic

For each of the causes above, check its corresponding configuration settings. For example, check if the port number is correct.


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