Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Operations Manager 
Unable to fetch information from VCS. One of the following may have happened: 1) Cluster is either in offline, admin wait or faulted state 2) All cluster nodes are either in offline, admin wait or faulted state. 3) All cluster nodes are not reporting to the central server (xprtld process may be down) 4) Managed host version is less than 3.x on all cluster nodes. Please check and try again.

An error occurred while fetching VCS-related attributes for Cluster, Node, Service Group, or Resource. Fetching these attributes is supported in Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) 3.0 and later. If the Managed Host node is an earlier version, these attributes cannot be fetched.

In addition, these attributes cannot be fetched when:

  • The cluster is either in the OFFLINE, ADMIN WAIT, or FAULTED state.
  • All cluster nodes are either in the OFFLINE, ADMIN WAIT, or FAULTED state.
  • All cluster nodes do not report to the Central Management Server (CMS). (The xprtld process may be down.)


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Last Modified: 2012-06-29 00:59:54 PST
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-32), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (POWER)
Release: Generic
  1. Make sure that VRTSsfmh on the VCS nodes is version 3.0 or later. For example on Linux, enter:

    $rpm -aq VRTSsfmh VRTSsfmh-4.0.xx.0-0  --> This has 4.0 bits
  1. Make sure that the cluster is in the online state. To check cluster status, enter:

    $# /opt/VRTS/bin/haclus -state
    Cluster      Attribute              Value
    sfcfs_clus   ClusState           RUNNING
  1. Make sure that at least one node in the cluster is in online mode and reporting to CMS. To display the node names in the cluster, enter:

    $# /opt/VRTS/bin/hasys -display | grep SysInfo
    node1      SysInfo            Solaris:host1,Generic_141444-09,5.10,sun4u
    node2      SysInfo            Solaris:host2,Generic_141444-09,5.10,sun4u

    Identify the node names in the output – in this example they are host1 and host2 – and run following command on any one of the nodes:

    host1# /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/xprtlc -l https://localhost:5634/world/getvitals
    "XPRTLD_VERSION" :  "",
    "LOCAL_NAME" : "localhost",
    "LOCAL_ADDR" : "",
    "PEER_NAME" : "localhost",
    "PEER_ADDR" : "",
    "LOCAL_TIME" : "1335904437",
    "OSNAME" : "SunOS",
    "OSRELEASE" : "5.10",
    "CPUTYPE" : "sparc",
    "OSUUID" : "{00020003-ba89-09b5-0000-0000838909b5}",
    "DOMAINS" : {
        "sfm://" : {
            "primary_broker" :

    Take the CMS name from DOMAINS list and run following command to check its reporting status on CMS. If the domains list is empty means, that node is not configured to any CMS.

    host1# /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/xprtlc -l | grep host1,<ip_address>,{00020003-ba89-09b5-0000-
    seconds,538 seconds,UP

    UP at the end of the output means this node (host1) is reporting to CMS ( successfully.


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