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Severity: n/a 
Component: Enterprise Administrator 
Your user account does not have privileges to perform the operation.

This message may appear for various reasons. See the solutions provided below.


Veritas solutions
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Last Modified: 2012-05-30 00:23:08 PDT
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic
When Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) is installed on a non-English or a non-German version of the Windows operating system, operations may fail with the above permission error.
You can alleviate this issue by creating a local group called Administrators and adding the native administrative group.
This issue has been identified, and a private fix is available from Symantec Enterprise Technical Support. To obtain the private fix, contact Symantec Support and reference this TechNote during the call. A support representative will be available to help troubleshoot this issue. If it is determined that the private fix addresses the problem, the support representative will help you obtain the private fix.
For a complete list of Symantec Enterprise Technical Support contact numbers, go to:
Note: This fix specifically addresses the problem identified above. It has not been fully tested. You should apply it in a test environment before you place in production. If the systems are not critically impaired, it is recommended to delay the installation of this private fix until the next scheduled maintenance release. Before you apply this private fix, you may need to upgrade your systems to the latest code base. The support representative will help determine the best course of action.
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Last Modified: 2012-05-30 00:24:48 PDT
Platform: Solaris 10 (SPARC), Solaris 10 (x86-64)
Release: 5.0MP3

This error message may appear if you are not the root user and you try to perform an operation that requires root privileges.

Any non-root user who wants to perform an operation must be a member of the vrtsadm group. Users are added to vrtsadm by default.

To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Check to see if the user is a member of the vrtsadm group. Enter:

    # /opt/VRTSob/pal33/bin/veaconfig -c list_user -o host_name
  2. If the user is not present in vrtsadm, run the following command to add them and give them administrator privileges on the specified host. Enter:

    # /opt/VRTSob/pal33/bin/veaconfig –c add_user –o host_name -n vrtsadm@domain.unixpwd –r Administrator -g


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