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Can't perform VEA actions when cluster mode is an Exchange Virtual Server. Getting v-39-53244-9 permissions error


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Last Modified: 2009-11-10 06:01:37 PST
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This is because the VEA (Veritas Enterprise Administrator) is not set up to deal with the active computer name, which changes when an EVS (Exchange Virtual Server) is online.
You can use the following command to give the user's account administrative access to the VEA in the context of the EVS.
veaconfig -c add_user -r Administrator -n Administrator@EVS.FQDN.nt -o localhost
veaconfig -c add_user -r Administrator -n Administrators@EVS.FQDN.nt -o localhost -g

The first command will create the user, and the second command will add that user to a group.

Command Options:
-c:   control-command
add_user : Sets user permission on the object
-r:  Role,  must be one of the following roles: Administrator, Operator or Guest.
-n: the fully qualified name of the user or group being added with .nt appended for the Windows domain.
For example: Administrator@EVS.FQDN, where
Administrator is the user name being added and can be an administrative user other than the "Administrator" username
EVS is the name of the Exchange Virtual Server
FQDN is the domain name
-o:  Object identifier, use "localhost"
-g: group, use when adding the user just created for VEA to the selected group

You should logon as local administrator to be able to execute the above command.


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