Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Enterprise Administrator 
Could not connect to server. Capabilities mismatch.
This message appears if the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) client is unable to establish a connection with a VEA server.
Note: In many cases, the VEA client is running on the same computer as the VEA service.
Possible causes:
  • The VEA service is not started.
  • The VEA service is not responding.
  • Something is preventing the VEA client from establishing a connection with the VEA server. 
Further information on the ports that are required by Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) can be found in the following article:  


Veritas solutions
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Last Modified: 2010-06-04 23:56:32 PDT
Platform: AIX 5.1 (POWER), AIX 5.2 (POWER), AIX 5.3 (POWER)
Release: Generic

Restart the VEA service. Information on this can be found in the following article:


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