Error Code details
Severity: Information 
Component: Storage Foundation 
Allows the security administrator to create account in the private domain. veaconfig -c CreateAc -l host_name [-i port_no] -d <dom_name> -u <sec_admin> [-p password] -n ac_name [-q ac_password] [-x] %1 Options: [-l] host_name : Fully qualified name of the host where the authentication broker is running. [-i] port_no : Defaults to 1556 if not specified. [-u] user_name : Name of the user. [-p] password : User's password. [-d] dom_name : Name of the private domain in authentication broker [-n] ac_name : Name of the account to be created. [-q] ac_passwrd : password for the account. [-x] : principal can proxy other principals.


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